Free Master Class - Create a House Manual

I’m letting the cat out of the bag! I want you to start 2016 with one of my best hosting tools.

It’s my popular House Manual.

For January’s Free Class, I’ll teach you all about it.

I will show you:
The Minimums
The Extras
What will make you STAND OUT


It has taken me over 5 years to perfect my book. Whenever a guest walks into my home, I proudly open my binder and show it off. Every year, I’ve made it better and better… Now it’s perfect… And I want to share it with you, my tribe:)

My guests rave about my House Manual in their reviews. Watch them do the same to you.

Don’t skip out early! Stay till the end so you don’t miss the checklist. You know you want it.

Happy Hosting,


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hi evelyn!
I’m so bummed I missed this webinar as I’m trying to put together a proper house manual/guestbook. Any way I can catch this video somewhere else?

Thanks for all you do :slight_smile:

Hi Brooke,

Yes, the class is posted on my site:



Here is our manual. It’s available to our guests online and a printed version is in the apartment.

Wow Jaquo, your house manual is amazing!

Thank you @superhostnyc - that’s because the house is amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this!

Hi there, please assist with a guest book if possible. My email is I am a new host from South Africa. Thank you in advance.

here’s a link to a thread a week or two ago about guest books

Here is a podcast all about it…