Free Airbnbmag?

Did anyone else get the email for a free subscription? Is this mag worth the read? Any harm in leaving it out for guests to see/read?

There’s another thread all about the free gifts Airbnb sends to hosts. I got the free subscription automatically. It’s nicely done but I wouldn’t pay for it. Sure you can leave it out but it’s basically a promotion piece for the Airbnb brand.

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I put the book and the magazine in the Airbnb room.

Oh woe is me, neglected again:cry:

Received book and magazine. Worth a read, yes.

I have had the book and magazine and a few days ago the free subscription, I leave them out.

Very few people take notice, a couple of guests who are also hosts and had not seen them and a few passersbys who did not know I used ABB.

Got it also. Left it for guests in our ABnB apartment; nobody seems to have paid much attention to it. As others have said, magazine is a puff piece for ABnB, but that’s OK. Had one first-time guest who commented on it.