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Free Airbnb Open Webinar - Remote Superhost


I have reached out to Host Educators, and I’m starting a series of webinars where the classes taught during the Airbnb Open will be presented to you, my dear hosts. I’m excited to announce our first class in the series:

CLASS: “The Remote Superhost: Delivering a Personable Guest Experience from Afar.” You’ll will learn how to deliver a warm, exceptional guest experience, no matter your location or proximity to your listings.

DATE: Thursday, December 10th

TIME: 1:00pm EST

HOST EDUCATORS: Alex Nigg and Tammi Sims


ALEX NIGG AND TAMMI SIMS:Alex and Tammi are both Airbnb SuperHosts and were Host Educators at AirBnb Open 2015 in Paris, where they spoke on the topic of how to be A Remote Superhost. Alex and Tammi split their time between his Airbnb listings in San Francisco and New Zealand and Tammi’s listing in Seattle. They are trying to perfect the art of delivering a personable experience to their guests from afar. Tammi’s focus is guest relations and home design and has put her skills to use as a consultant to other hosts. Alex’s particular interest lies in how to manage turnovers perfectly and stress free while traveling. After years of frustration trying to find the perfect tool to help him manage turnovers between guests departing and arriving at his properties, he developed Properly, a visual checklist tool. Properly is used today by Airbnb hosts with listings in 200 cities across 24 countries.

To learn more about Properly, visit their website: GetProperly.com

Make sure you stay until the end of the webinar so you don’t miss another “Speed Round: Home Review,” my recurring segment. Get quick, actionable comments on your listing! An opportunity for only a few lucky hosts.

  • Are your pictures up to par?
  • Are the captions correct?
  • Is your headline NOT selling your listing?

Come on over, and find out. See you on December 10th!

Happy Hosting,

This isn’t an Airbnb sponsored event.


Thanks for hosting! Really looking forward to this! :slight_smile:


It will be one of many webinars from the airbnb host educators

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