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Free 1-Hour Cleaning Credit w/ Short Term Rental Pros

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to share a company that’s offering Free 1 Hour Cleanings that I just used.
The company behind it is called Short Term Rental Pros LLC. They did an incredible job with my place and I wanted to share the information with the community. Sharing is caring right?

I gave them a check off list but they have their own extensive 53-point check list that was way better than mine. I just let them use theirs. It was kind of impressive.

They cool thing is they also provide Airbnb property management services. The owners are former hosts that have hosted on all the platforms so they really understood some of the challenges that we Airbnb Hosts go through and was able to help with some tips to make more money. They also provided me a link to a special site they had to help me get more bookings and I’ve been getting more bookings!!!

I begged them to create a code that folks in the forum can use to get a FREE HOUR credit and they obliged.

To get your free hour cleaning credit by going to:
Go to http://www.freehourcleaning.com
*I think code is case sensitive


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