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Fraudulent/Spam Inquiry?

First, upfront this came via Vrbo but I love y’all’s input so I’m asking….

Clearly I think this is sketchy. I don’t know why they’d be doing this, though? Party? Dates are in early December so not a “dine and dash” scam on the surface.

Here’s the skinny (some items are not notable alone, just giving all the dets): new profile (2021) & therefore no reviews, celebrity (moderately) name who just died (so can’t google for any clues), 2 people for a 4/2 that sleeps 6, mechanical sounding message, Sat-Sat booking, sent an inquiry (about if dates are avail when they can see they are) when I have IB turned on so pointless message. Even more strange, was given option to “send pre-approval” Screenshot attached. CS explanation was system glitch, maybe :roll_eyes:, & would give me no further info (verified = phone and email, hmph, hardly)

I asked what was bringing them to town, full name and ages of both persons, if they had any questions on my House Rules, etc. No reply so far.

What’s your ruling on legitimacy?

sounds like spam to me

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I was on VRBO briefly and got an inquiry wanting to book for a month when my limit is 1 week. No information about them.
Heard nothing for a week or so then they wanted to send me a check through their employer so could I send my address.
I ended up taking my rental off VRBO. There is no way I was going to rent something to anyone with zero information.


Just a thought - there are at least two (moderately) famous people with exactly the same name as me. So although the potential guest’s name makes it hard to Google, it doesn’t necessarily mean the the guest is dodgy. That’s the only one I can see of the details that could give hosts a pause for thought but it’s not necessarily a problem.

Not legit. Decline. …


I have had many of these requests and tried to report to VRBO but it was never able to get through- I either ignore the request or tell them I only take payment through VRBO. Very annoying for sure.

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Thanks everybody! This morning, although I’ve not had my coffee :grimacing:, in my opinion, this looks obviously :-1:t5:. I was just caught off guard because I have gotten these messages via Air but not Vrbo. I just recently made Premier so maybe I’m just more visible now. When I first started out I got strung along in a couple of these until it became obvious something was up (i.e. asking for outside payment or rental address before they’d paid/booked, etc.). It’s marked as spam now.

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I can appreciate that, Jaquo. But the combo of the rest, especially the tone of the message (impersonal, mechanical, no info) & the 2 people in the 4 bedroom definitely gave me pause; and now no answer to my ?'s after 12 hours although I replied immediately to the inquiry…I would be genuinely shocked if this were legitimate.

I once had a message saying simply ‘weekend break’. They were lovely guests, it turned out, and left me a three-figure tip! :slight_smile:

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@jaquo I’ve gotten a two figure tip, $10, boy are you lucky!

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I was, :slight_smile: The couple had come here specifically to spend their time in a casino and had won several thousand pounds.

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A lot of people msg the way that they text. Very very brief. IMO, not a red flag by itself.
Open a discussion and see what happens next.

I did. Never replied to very basic questions.

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