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Forum not compatible with IOS for last month


To those more tech savvy than me / forum owner, ever since I upgraded to the iPhone 6 and latest IOS the last comment on each thread is partially obscured. See screen shot.

This is super annoying, I have to select ‘reply’ to read the bottom of the message and if I want to quote something from the bottom of the last response, I can’t (it’s blocked where the number of the post starts). I have to wait until someone new posts.

It would be great if this could be fixed. It never used to be a problem on my iPhone 5 using previous IOS.

Please don’t post use a desktop- not interested. :blush:


Don’t use an iPhone! :thinking:Seriously. Or get a Tablet. Complain to AirBnb about how their App works.


@KenH I really respect your contributions but I find this unhelpful entirely. have posted under ‘site suggestions’, I’m talking about THIS site, the forum, not Airbnb app or anything to do with Airbnb.

I’m suggesting the site fix this incompatibility, not advice on not using an iPhone, not throwing out my $1000 phone compatible with all my other devices anytime soon. I travel minimum 2 hours a day and work 8-12 and cannot use my work computers for anything personal so I use my phone, like billions of others to communicate on the go. That’s life.


I’ve noticed the same on the Android. I don’t know if there is anything @tom2 can do about it or if it’s a default of the forum template being used.


I belong to several forums that use this software and it is the same on all of them. What I have found works [total workaround] is to scroll down and when you get to the blocked text, scroll just slightly up and you can read. You shouldn’t have to hit reply with this 'trick."

This "feature’ has been the case since the last major forum software update- may Be two or three months?


Hey guys, thanks for letting me know. I’ll talk to the software support team and hopefully resolve this ASAP!


I get the same lecture from my kids, but I just got an iPhone 8 anyway. :rofl::rofl:


I’ve seen this behavior on my iPhone for a long time. If you’ll scroll the message up just a tad, the numbers unobscue the message.

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