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Fort Wayne, Indiana anyone?


Would like to live here but buying a duplex would mean I’d need it to be a successful Airbnb location. How is the tourism here? I’m guessing more business travelers? Anyone have insight on the health of the airbnb market here?


With a quarter of a million people, and the 2nd largest city in the state, Ft Wayne should be a good Airbnb candidate. I would not specifically aim at Business travelers, but being set up for it would be a bonus, I think.

If I were you, I’d be on the Air site looking at how many listings there are in the and around the city, what they charge, what they offer, etc. Time spent “doing diligence” will be time well spent. Whatever you do, don’t depend on Airbnb income to regularly pay a portion of your mortgage.


I agree 100% with KenH. Don’t depend on the AirBnB income to afford your main home. But also don’t overlook the long-term rental market as a backup. Your realtor may be able to help you assess that market. If you can afford the mortgage with a long-term rental, then you can assess whether you can make more money with short-term rentals.


The being the 2nd largest city, there are few Airbnbs. I just don’t know if that means the demand has been met, or if there is great opportunity still.

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