Former inmate removed from platform via security review

Did you catch this article about a former inmate that was blocked by ABB from using their platform? I was pleasantly pleased to see that the guest information uploaded to ABB for the verification process is actually used for something.

Interesting. I hardly think being refused a short term let in someone’s elses home counts as housing discrimination. However I do wonder if there should be an expiry date on convictions. People need to be allowed to redeem themselves.


Not impressed. He complains as though AirBnB discriminates against all people with convictions which is not true. Then mentions he was part of a robbery in which two innocent people were murdered but, you know, he didn’t actually kill them. Sure he may have done his time, be repentant and be working with young men to stop them going down the same path. Good on him. But I would say to him: “Get a hotel room, as you are perfectly able to do, and stop seeing yourself as the perpetual victim here.” Many of us do bad things in our lives which aren’t illegal but there isn’t a point where you get to say “I’ve done my time, everybody should forgive me now”.