For the hard to find locations, tricky addresses,

I have 3 words for you: what3words

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the what3words app, has split the whole world into 3m square plots, each identified by 3 different words. My address is human.winner.major.
A group of teens got lost after a 10 minute walk in the woods, rang 999 and the operator said to install the what3words app. Within a minute, the rescue team were on their way to the teens exact location!
Might that be an easier option for addresses of some locations? Might be a bit more user friendly than geo grid references and longitudinal numbers


Very cool! Thanks for that advice

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Very nice - definitely useful for Costa Rica!

Because I’m a tech nerd, I checked this out. I’m gathering they’re pulling the info from FB posts sent from different 3m spots in my home. Frightening.

But I got: reels.warms.kittens So apparently I’m fishing, toasty, and my cat is cute.


What a coincidence - I was reading about it this morning. At first I wondered if it was April 1st but the news was on the BBC which I tend to believe :slight_smile:

Data mining and data scraping at its finest. smh Heck of a time to give up drinking for 30 days…


Mongolia is using it for it’s postal system :slight_smile:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Next time I’m in the UK, I’m staying with you just for the bon mots. Thanks for the giggle.

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Thanx so much!!! This is awesome!

I’m becoming a bit sceptic about how much they are under Government control, since the funding mess of the over 75’s free licences.

Whilst Mr J has a book constantly and prominently lying around, which I refuse to read, ( BBC: Brainwashing Britain by David Sedgewick), I heard a disturbing snippet on Radio 4’s PM as follows;-

A Tory MP being interviewed about a potential Government of National Unity, led by Ken Clarke and not Corbyn, stated twice that his party had ‘‘gone to the country’’ to select Boris Johnson as leader. I’m used to such tosh being spouted, but not to it remaining unchallenged by a BBC journalist. Okay, he did also quietly say that it was Tory members who voted for Boris, but the premise of ‘‘going to the country’’ should have been jumped on/all over and kicked into the long grass.

Yes, I did shout at the radio. A lot.

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I’m afraid that my ‘belief’ of the BBC is historic. My other half worked for them until 2000 and he has told me how carefully news was researched and how they wouldn’t broadcast news until it had been confirmed. However, that was then.

Things might have changed a lot.

Although nowadays I’m in the US so I compare it with the ‘news’ here which is often downright weird (or totally incorrect).

I listen to Radio 4 via the internet a lot and I’ve been known to shout at it too. :rofl:

Frankly, I do not want to know what my words are and my guests won’t either until they follow me in their car up our private road. grrrr. Big Brother stay waay awayyy. And if you are dumb enough to get lost within 100 meters of a local police station you deserve not getting found. jmho.

I think, as an organisation, they no longer have the capacity to research their output with such vigour as they could in the past, due to their funding having been substantially reduced over the last decade. The gender disparity in salaries has also damaged their reputation massively, along with key journalists being poached by rivals, with offers of higher salaries, once these became public property.

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yes, that’s it, they were 100 meters from the police station :slight_smile:

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