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FOR SALE. Yurt 12', tiny house & outhouse

The city of Santa Rosa makes it impossible to rent these 2 places out.
My 8 X 12 tiny “green” house . It is totally wired,
And insulated. It is adorable. I have a contractor to deconstruct the house & load it onto your hauling truck: Asking 24,000 OBO
I also have a 12’ yellow yurt. Made of all recycled
Materials. Can fit small table & chairs, double bed, a dresser & coat rack and you can still walk around
It has 3 windows, a solid door w:deadbolt & solid foundation that can be moved
Asking 5k obo
A redwood Outhouse with solar power.
It is a compostable toilet, enclosed shower,
& a hand sink on the outside. Very Cool
Asking 4K obo
This is in Sa

Oh dear!!! Sorry to see this!! I was wondering how you fared!! I guess it could have been worse.

Do you have a more formal ad somewhere with pictures? I know a couple of airbnb hosts in the unincorporated parts of the county that might be interested in “adding a room” to their properties with something like this.

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