For Hosts in port cities- any issues with sailors

A few times a year visiting navy ships dock in our area, with sometimes several thousand sailors here on leave. We usually don’t know until they are already here (security maybe). I am on instant book. Just wondering if anyone has had bookings from sailors on leave and was it OK? I have a no party policy and a 2 night minimum, is there anything else I should do? Thanks.

Let’s not be judgmental here! In spite of folklore, modern sailors (and other military) on leave are like everyone else on vacation!!! Drunken orgies are not common occurrences, regardless of what you may have heard.

Post signs which say No Parties and No Unregistered Guests and your House Rules. Ask for their ship’s name and the name of their Chief – they’ll know what you mean – when they check in.

If sailors violate your House Rules, after you call AirBnb, contact the ship – the Duty Officer, or their Chief directly, and report what happened. They will be suitably punished/fined.

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I am in San Diego, only had one sailor stay with me and it was fine, but he was older and an officer.


Thanks for your input, makes sense to ask for their ships name and Chiefs name (I wouldn’t have known to ask that). I’m sure you’re right, like the rest of us they are mostly good people and will follow my posted rules.