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For Australian Hosts who provide brekkie stuff

I provide a few basic items like bread, milk, jam, butter etc so I’m always looking out for a good deal.
I wanted to let Australian hosts know that Hanks Jam is happy to do a special deal for Air hosts. They do miniature jams which are provided to upmarket hotels. however Hanks is happy to provide Airbnb hosts with a wholesale price. Their jams are really good. You can go on their website www.hanksfood.com to see what they have. For a minimum order they’ll do free shipping.
Just so you know, there’s no kicker in it for me and I have no affiliation with the company - I just want to support a good small business that’s providing a quality product and who is happy to help out the Airbnb hosts who are usually too small to get wholesale prices. Please reply and send me your email address if you want me to forward you their price list or other details - otherwise you can go on their site and contact them directly.

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Hi Wilburforce
I generally buy the bigger size jams but definitely interested in the smaller ones.
I love supporting Australian businesses so would like to have a look at their prices
Please send to b_gee25@bigpond.com
Thank you

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