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For American Hosts: Are you getting a lot fewer foreign guests this year?

Last year, about 95% of our guests were from other countries. 5% were from the US. This year it’s more like 65/35% foreign to American.

My theory is that the dollar is so much stronger this year that it’s discouraging a lot of foreign travel to the US. So I was wondering if other U.S. hosts are seeing the same thing.

The annoying thing about American guests for us is that many of them drive here. But since we’re so close to NYC, parking is really tough - as it is anywhere in and around a big city. So it’s a constant problem. Foreigners fly in and never have to worry about the parking situation.

I’m in Seattle and it’s a gold mine. Tiny town squeezed to the gills with people moving here for jobs and everyone else who just heard about it and think it’s fun to visit the Pike Place Market “Gum Wall” which is kind of symbolic of the whole mess here in general these days. Not that I have any right to complain.

I’m in Los Angeles, CA. I’m still getting mostly foreign guests by a large margin. I have noticed, though, that as the economy is weaker in so many places that not as many of our foreign guests are marveling at how inexpensive things are in the U.S.

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Yes, there were less foreign guests this year

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I’ve wondered about this a lot. I would say 90% of my guests last year were from other countries (12 other countries in fact!). This year all but one of my guests have been Americans in town for work or other reasons. “Why” has been on my mind a lot.

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@Yana_Agapova - have you returned?

This summer, mostly European. Over all, 20% US, 40% European 40% Asian. Just off the top of my head. But this is a share arrangement, with a private, but not en suite, bathroom. More likely to have Europeans or Asians who want to experience “American family life”.

About 50-50 American/European here.

This time last year, my September and October calendar were as full as I wanted them to be (I only do this occasionally) and 90% of those guests were from other countries. This year, my September is as full as I want it to be, but with American guests 100%.

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