Follow-up: a group of advantage takers

Two weeks ago, we hosted two couples. Unfortunately, the central hot water system in our building malfunctioned. Although we tried to contact the management company for several times during the day, they still did not manage to supply hot water at night. We contacted the guests and promised to book two rooms in a five star hotel nearby. However, they refused and wanted to stay in the most expensive hotel in our city. Before we replied, they cancelled the booking and told Airbnb they would leave our apartment. However, when I checked the room, I found they were still there and refused to leave.

Airbnb did not help in this situation. Airbnb even said I should host them as they did not have place to stay in midnight. They did not care my own safety and the security of my apartment.

The guests left a very poor review and reported me to Airbnb. Airbnb closed my listing. I contacted Airbnb, but no one really followed up. This group of guests are not first time Airbnb users. They said they booked via Airbnb for several times. However, their account is very new, and there is no review. They booked via instant booking. I am really disappointed about Airbnb. It seems that Airbnb policies spoil advantage takers and scammers. It is easy for guests to open a new account.

That’s terrible I am so sorry to hear that.

I hope you left them an honest review.

Airbnb did not reveal what they reported. However, after hours’ struggle with Airbnb, Airbnb decided to close the guest’s account and remove their review.

Does that mean that your listing is now active again?

Yes. My listing is back to normal.


Thank goodness, that is a really alarming story

Although, does this mean that they can start a new account and the next host will be none the wiser? I have heard of guests ghosting an account and just starting a new one

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That’s right. It is easier for guests than hosts to start a new account. I’ve raised the issue of scam to Airbnb, as I feel Airbnb hosts are more vulnerable to scammers and advantage takers than hotels. I do not know whether Airbnb will work out policies to prevent scams.