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Flowers and Plants

For those of you with whole house/apt. listings, do you keep flowers and plants indoors? If so, how do you maintain them during bookings? Do you enter during the bookings to water them?

No plants but I always add fresh flowers to the apartment padded out with green foliage from the garden.

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We’re surrounded by woods so I just cut a branch or two of something and stick it in a vase with water. Lasts a looooong time so I don’t have to worry about watering, wilting, or pedals falling off. In the Summer I just cut branches with different shapes of green leaves, Spring I’ll cut pussywillows, Fall I’ll cut branches with the different colour leaves, Winter I’ll cut branches with red berries on them. The best part…it’s free!


I buy these flowers called alstroemeria at 4 bucks a bunch and they last about 2 weeks, all I do is change the water.

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No plants indoors except my herbs in kitchen. I grow veg in garden and have flowers too.

Ohhh, so not fair! …color me green with envy.

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Suite… Those look gorgeous and your room looks classy,
Here’s what I do, and It’s also FREE. :smile:

Leave a few palm fronds, hibiscus, travelers palm fronds, birds of paradise and anthurium…sometimes plumeria… all plucked from the yard … do well over several days to a week…

(Don’t judge! I know my place isn’t fancy!!)


So pretty, love it! And free is the best :slight_smile:

Gorgeous!! It’s nice to bring the outside in especially when the outside is as nice as this. Oh Hawaii you are calling me!

P.S. is that a Santa playing the ukulele?? lol

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Yes! LOL… it was Christmastime, so I usually put up a few decorations. I also have a red ukulele hanging on the wall.

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