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Florida Palm Beach County/ Riviera beach question


“Under county law, all hosts in Palm Beach County are required to register with the tax collector’s office, turn over the bed tax paid by the renter to the tax collector, submit the sales tax paid by the renter to the state and pay $33 annually for a business tax receipt.”

I just wonder if 7 days minimum stay enforced in whole West Palm Beach county?

I have experience with Air BNB mostly as a guest, but now I am thinking to rent out attached bedroom with bathroom and kitchenet 1 mile from the beach. To rent house for a week makes sense for me, but to rent small studio… Will it make any economic sense?

  1. You are best contacting Palm Beach County to check with them. We are an international forum of hosts so won’t have detailed knowledge of STR regulations for each area

  2. Lots of people let out a studio or a room and it is profitable for them. You will need to put a budget together for your set up and ongoing costs including your time, what you think you can charge and how many days a year you estimate you can let it out to work out whether it is profitable enough for you.


Here in Florida (I’m in Fort Myers) Airbnb collects the taxes and pays them for us. You don’t need to register with Palm Beach County Tax Collector. You probably do have to have the $33 business license. We don’t have any minimum stay requirement here in Lee County so I can’t help there.

You and only you can decide if the 7 day minimum for your place will make economic sense. Check other, similar Airbnb listing in your immediate area and see what they’re charging; then do some math. If you need help, holler.


I often stay in Airbnb in Palm Beach country and haven’t yet done more than a few days. Just booked another trip in February for 3 days. I am wondering when the 7 days minimum is supposed to start?

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