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As hosts in Florid we know there are very few insurance companies that will cover us – because of those whirly things called hurricanes. When we started Airbnb we had to get new insurance because the previous insurer would not cover Air rental spaces So we ended up with Johnson & Johnson Insurance – for whopping $5000 a year!!! Just yesterday we got the renewal paperwork and they’ve raised it to over $7000 – because Irma came in last year. Not that we had any damage at all, the company is raising rates because they can!!!

So other FL hosts – who are you using for insurers? Bout how much are you paying? Help please.

Keep in mind the differences in various host’s listings.

While I don’t live in Florida, I’ve tried looking around for an insurance agency that isn’t insanely expensive before I even think of having my property as an Airbnb or something of the kind. As K9KarmaCasa says, I suppose it would depend on the host’s listing. As you’re in FL, it’s important to have coverage for hurricanes. Every state has their own risks I suppose. With the insurance you have now it looks like they offer coverage for homes as well as auto and life insurance (if I found the right website)… Have any of you heard of CBIZ? From their website it sounds like they cover just for vacation rentals in the states. I don’t know what it would be like working with a company that isn’t local to your area. Could be good though if it’s a decent price. I guess I’m not super helpful because I haven’t tried to get a quote or anything, just thought it was interesting that it’s just for vacation rentals. Maybe it would be more specialized for places like FL? I’ve read through many of the topics here, but this is the first time I’ve posted here, so bear with me.

$6K with Citizens. I’m in Miami

We are in central Florida, about 1.5 miles from Disney and use ASI. If I recall correctly, they are somehow affiliated with AAA. We pay under $475 a year (yes, per YEAR). It’s a condo. Three bedroom and disclosed as a rental property. Guess hearing how much you pay makes me so thankful! I didn’t even get an increase this year because of Harvey or Irma last year. #grateful

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@Skuchiegirl – I’ll look into ASI tomorrow. Thanks. Is your condo disclosed as STR or just rental? My partner has a condo in Gainesville that she rents out long term, and for that she pays under $500; but that’s long-term, not short-term rental.

Definitely STR. I didn’t want to take a chance.

The ASI affiliate here in Lee county is only insuring structures newer than 2005 :weary: Doesn’t help our 1974 house. Thanks anyway…

CBIZ here in Florida was the highest quote ever – $8900 per year!!

they were higher for me also …SC

I am an insurance agent in South Florida, I have a few options for short term rentals all over the state. If you need my help you can call or text me at 813-540-4014.

We just bought our first insurance for our 3 bedroom house in Clearwater from Velocity. They offered a very competitive rate less than USD 1500 per year.

They cover Airbnb type of units and it is very flexible to add/remove liabilities to adjust your yearly premium.

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