Florida and sales tax and License

Help I am confused. I rent one room of my home that I live in, in Charlotte county Florida. Airbnb collects sales tax and room tax and submits them for me. Then I wondered if I needed a license from Florida. So I went to dbpr (Dept of business and professional regulations). In trying to determine if I need to obtain a license and under what category I came upon this on the dbpr site:

Do I need a license for my rental?

If renting rooms: Renting a single room or rooms other than the whole unit is not classified as a public lodging and would not require a license from DBPR, Division of Hotels and Restaurants. Please be advised your business may still be subject to city, county or other local authority jurisdiction.

Still not sure what I need since airbnb sent in the tax? Will see my accountant in a few week but anyone who knows what if any is needed please replhy.

I don’t know Florida law or your county’s law, but it seems perfectly possible that you are required to submit sales and room tax—and not need a license.


Although I’m in Florida (as are several hosts here) the regulations are different in each county. Rather than just look on the site, you’d be better calling your local authorities. It’s very likely that you’ll need a business licence but you’ll have to speak to them to be sure.

That’s something that you’ll definitely need to speak to them about. Your accountant won’t be able to help you there.

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I’m in the same position - renting a room in Hillsborough County and have spent 2 years trying to find a more definitive “license” answer. Apparently we have to submit the taxes (which Air does here) but don’t need a license but do need insurance…

A guest last week asked about a license and I thought that was odd, so I went back on the site and still don’t need one for renting a room. Whole house, yes. Just have the taxes paid.

Yikes, did not know about insurance.

You’ve been reading this site, right?


Just found site yesterday

Ken here in Lee county, FL – next county south of you. In this county you need do nothing. You accountant doesn’t know spit about these kinds of taxes. Don’t confuse him!

Air collects and pays the taxes in bulk from all the hosts, and pays a lump-sum to the county/city/state. Do not confuse the things by trying to set up accounts and paying those entities independently.

As mentioned, you’d better check with your homeowner’s insurance company. Many if not most of them will drop you like a hotcake if they discover that you are doing STRs.

Which insurance companies and how much and all that also vary from county to county. Folks up in Alachua Co can get an STR policy for under $1000 a year. here in Lee our insurance company dropped us and when we got a new company and new policy the rate had gone from $1200 per year to $5000 per year.


wow, with the amount of income I get the insurance might be more than the income. (had 2 surgeriwes last year so did not do much airbnb). Thanks for your response. sue