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Flopkey shows I only have 1 review - wtf?

I am so mad. Not only are my guests pissing me off, but I just found out that I have 1 review on Flopkey.


Trip Advisor owns Flipkey, Vacationhomerentals, and now Housetrip…or something to that effect (anyone feel free to correct me).

I have been on FK for at least a couple of years on their pay per booking model. I had around 7 reviews. Well…I purchased a vacationhomerental subscription earlier this year. I have heard that you can only have one account or something like that…but then others told me if you use a different email with each account, then you can keep all reviews, etc.

Well when I signed up VHR the guy assured me I wouldn’t lose my flipkey reviews. And I didn’t. For quite some time I showed all reviews on FK and I was a happy camper.

At one point I received a notfication that I received a review on FK from a certain guest. I never did see this review post. I contacted FK several times and the unhelpful Indian call center just kept talking in circles blah blah blah. Anyone who has spoken to this call center knows exactly what I am talking about. I bet K9’s dogs could be more helpful solving problems…not kidding!!

More background: I am listed on housetrip too, and have been receiving notifications (when I log into FK) to confirm my housetrip account. I don’t want to, so have been bypassing that suggestion. Not sure if that has anything at all to do with this…maybe not.

So…today I notice I have one review on FK. I look to see what it is and it is the missing review I never got to read. WTF?? So this missing review got posted and all of my other ones disappeared.

I honestly cannot remember if they were the last people to write a review, but it’s not like all of the other reviews were two years old and dropped off. Maybe some were old, but I know there was at least one other one that was written within this year…I believe??

Has this happened to anyone?? If I call their call center…I will absolutely lose my mind!!!

Another thing is I looked for this missing review for many, many weeks after it was written. And I still showed I had at least 7 reviews.

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I just found the other 7 reviews on TripAdvisor UK??

I am going to copy and paste them all right now. I need help figuring how to repost them. I am NOT going to ask the previous guests to repost. I doubt they would care if I reposted them under “anonymous” or maybe had some people create a fake profile that says “Guest” or something…anything.

Any ideas??

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