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Flipkey/Trip Advisor share of profits

I know this has been discussed before, but I just got a request from Flipkey/TripAdvisor and I’m shocked at how much THEY’RE earning. What on earth is going on with these people? They’re earning almost half of the entire amount??? So for five days of my highest season, I’m going to forking over close to 50% of my earnings?

Wed, Jul 27, 2016
04:00 AM
Mon, Aug 01, 2016
12:00 PM
4 guests
Email/phone to come
5 nights are available in your calendar
Guest pays CAD1,396.93
You earn CAD780.60

Any thoughts? I’m going to cancel my account with them ASAP.

Hi - do you have a security deposit? I had a similar reaction to a booking confirmation that appeared like more was going to Holiday Lettings (now under the same umbrella as FlipKey) than to me…then I realised that the charge to the guest included the returnable deposit, hence the fee coming to me looked small, but it was in fact correct, and once the deposit is taken back out, the fee was the usual, quite reasonable, 3%. Maybe the total showing in your notification was similarly inclusive of a deposit?

Yes FlopKey is a rip off for hosts & guests and don’t expect any support for you as a host - refer to my blog posts. If you can try and refer them to your Air site - this is also talked about in the blog - having your address in one of your pictures, etc. you may keep a booking. I had many inquiries through FK and once the guest saw the quote they did not book - I am no longer using FK!

Yes, you’re right…a $500 damage deposit was included…silly me! But still, the quote was still about 120 lower than I would get with Airbnb and the amount that Flipkey wanted was much higher than what Airbnb asks.

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Helen can you send me the link to your site?

Sure- here is my Air listing - https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2220660

It’s very nice! But where are the blog posts you are referencing?

If you have merchant account you will always pay processing fees, and those will very based on your volume. 3% merchant fee is not outrages if you are processing reward type Visa or Amex.

Great place, Helen! I’ll put it on my wish list - I’m in the College Park area - not to far from you.

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Oh thanks and we would love to have you!

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Hi Reeny:
I tried to send you the links to the blog but it only lets me post onto the blog listing so if you look up the following two titles under my name you shall find my postings for FlopKey.

'Guest cancels and then threatens to sue me!"
"Finally went off-line with FlipKey and Travel/Advisor after three weeks of being bullied!

These are the reasons I will not deal with FlipKey anymore PLUS their site is very misleading to potential guests. I checked and last summer we had 12 inquires and 1 booking since the site did not explain the extra cost or fees.
Anyway that is the whole story.

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