Flipkey isn't revealing the guest contact info after payment

Has anyone come across this? I am wondering if this has something to do with their new policy that guests can cancel within 24 hrs. as long as the reservation is at least 60 days out.

My policy is guest pays 100% upfront. I received a booking request and accepted it. I go to click on the “email/phone number” link and it says that the information will be shown once the guest pays the balance. I double checked my settings and it is still set to guest pays in full, and under “bookings” tab it says guest paid in full.

Has this happened to anyone else? Usually their contact info is revealed to immediately and the only thing I can think of is this 24 hr. new policy. I really despise calling FK.

If you do call you will get India!
No matter what the hour.

I no longer have FK, I am shown to be only on TA. I have to admit, guests are a,much better caliber then I used to get on FK but maybe it’s because I have more reviews (thanks friends! :rofl::rofl:) than I had on FK.

As for the 24-hour thing, Air has not started that yet, correct? I heard someone say Air is doing it as well. I don’t know why the market leader needs to implement what the competition is doing.

Not sure if mine is only on Trip Advisor or is still on FK…but yeah same as your listing.

And of course I tried to email the guest explaining how I cannot see her contact info. I specifically did not even try to type my phone number or email because I figured they would flag the message even though I accepted the booking. Now I get a notification saying my message was not sent.

Just tried sending another one and will see if that one gets rejected.

I have not heard of Air starting a 24 hr. thing, but not sure…will have to check because I recall someone mentioning it. I agree with the market leaders all copying each other. And now with Trip Advisor and HA trying to collect reviews on guests, and now TA wants me to add house rules and same with HA!

Also, TA reviews are not manageable like they were in the past. You can’t ditch a bad one!

How were you able to ditch a bad one? I thought you had to reject the review before you could read it?

Off topic… Do TA/Flipkey guests get YOUR info before booking? Like email/phone?

If you pay an annual subscription of $599 then contact info is open and you can even see the guest email and phone number to contact them directly. And there isn’t the 14.5% service added.

The commission system is similar to Air’s where you pay 3% and they add the service fee.

Interesting… I ask because I got a bunch of weird phone calls about one of our properties and my only thought was that TA gave out our info before booking. I will cross that theory off my list

Ok, maybe I did get that email, but didn’t think about it because all the reviews coming in were from friendly faces. Bahahahah :rofl::rofl:

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