Flip Key Photographer Lance La Breche a guest at Cleaning Your Photos

On this week’s Play the Replay, “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge: Cleaning Your Photos”, we discussed just that, taking photos! How to take them and maximize them to their fullest potential.

Yes, the class is now on RERUN! Lucky you.

Watch us have Fun learning our CLOSE UPs:

Setting up your space for shoot day.

Using your photos to maximize your listings potential .

Plus, my special guest, professional photographer, Lance La Breche. He’s amazing! You NEVER looked this good!

Did you know I do quick reviews of listings at the end of each class? Snap! I do.

Go and check it out

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I enjoyed your class @Evelyn!

Hey Evelyn. Great class but on the replay, no guest photographer? Is there another link to the photo class where he is the guest? Or did I miss something?

I don’t have access to a AirBnB photographer but quite frankly, prefer to have my own photos I can use. Unlike the AirBnB photography which does have quite a few restrictions.

Was interested in hearing some of the more technical aspects. Hoping he can discuss the HDR techniques and other tricks specifically for the accommodation.

Yes. There is a replay

Cleaning your photos