Fixed price vs. smart pricing

Even the fixed price somehow gets adjusted by ABB. If you set the fixed price, try to log in incognito and see if your listing price is the same as you set. 100% it is going to be lower or higher that you set. I.e. my Base price $88 looks like $107 on the “places to stay” list and on the map; however becomes $87 when I click on listing itself.
I don’t understand the logic behind ABB pricing strategy. Do they add cleaning fee into my base price? If so the listing price looks less attractive. Nobody would click on $107 listing to find out it is actually $87. To me, smart or fixed prices are still controlled by them, not hosts.

Which is why most of us don’t do smart pricing, very glitchy and depends on your market. My market is tiny so the data would be completely unreliable and the price suggestions are utterly ridiculous.

[Debthecat] know, that is why I’ve switched of Smart and set up the Base price with no discounts. But still my listing price looks different. Now it is higher than the base and therefore looks less attractive

The important thing is do you get paid the right amount, my prices vary depending upon who and what device you search with but I always get paid the right amount.
If I search incognito I’m quoted my listing price with 15% commission, if my wife searches on her phone she pays a bit less but with an 18% commission.

And yes, your cleaning fee is added when you put in dates, its divided by the number of nights you’re looking for


The Airbnb strategy is to fill as many rooms as possible. The only way they can do that is through cutting the price. Do what you think is right based on other listings.

Wheelhouse is a good alternative, but even they price a little bit on the low side when there’s not enough data. Ultimately, you always have to be vigilant and check up on your competition frequently.