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Fixed Duration Booking


We’re thinking of using AirBnB for our holiday letting next year. however our booking model is to take fixed period bookings. That is, either “Monday to Friday” (4 nights) or “Friday to Saturday” (3 nights) with no other combinations - nothing more, nothing less. That means that we keep our changeover days to Mondays and Fridays and still keep the possibility of 100% occupancy. Is it possible to do this with the minimum and maximum settings?


I believe you can set your check in days to be what you want but will only be able to select 1 min stay. So for you that will be 3 nights.

There is no way to ensure the 4 night period is booked that way, however this will get you most of what you want .


I suspected that that may be the case … thanks


You could try two separate listings, one for the 3 nights and one for the 4 nights


This is 1 night, not 3


This would also mean @Nige_B could take longer bookings eg a week checkin and checkout on a Monday or Friday. Surely this is preferable to the very limited bookings schedule suggested?


Do you have the new rule sets?
You would have to go into your calendar for each set of dates and set 4N, 3N, 4N, 3N. I bit of a pain, but it would get you your desired end result.
The other option is 2 listings.
One for the 4N starting Monday, and the other for the 3N starting Friday.


Just curious,is it allowed to have two listings for one property?


I see people do multiple listings with the same pictures, but different rooms or combinations of rooms in their house. I don’t know why you couldn’t do 2 listings with different rules. However, I do think limiting days like the OP wants is very unlikely to stay booked.

Another option is to charge the 4 day rate for 1 night. Then 50% discount for 2 nights, 66% discount for 3 nights, and 75% discount for 4 nights. So if you want to make $100 for 4 nights (for the sake of simplicity, I’m sure this rate is low) you will make that whether they stay 1 night or 4. They would pay 100 for 1 night, 50/night for 2, 33/night for 3, or 25/night for 4 nights. You could charge more for weekend nights and still give similar discounts.


Ha yes @Emily , should be “Friday to Monday”, well spotted. Thanks


Thanks @jumoe, as you say, a bit of extra work to but each booking slot in separately but it would achieve what we’re looking for - can live with that. 2 listings would possibly be too messy.


I’m not sure @JanaM , but I think it would also be more difficult to administer too. I’d prefer option 1, to enter each slot individually.


@Ashb24, I like the idea of your second option, keeping revenue to a maximum without committing guests to a specific duration. Our main objective is to restrict changeovers to just Mondays and Fridays, but I guess that we don’t have to take a mid week booking if someone else takes a short stay.


Is there a way to do this in Airbnb settings? This is what I have read elsewhere but can’t work out how to implement it without manually sending special offers? For example, I want to allow minimum 1 night stay but would need to charge the 2 night price to cover cleaning expenses…
So I just leave it as minimum 2 nights aha


You can definitely do check in on Monday and Friday only. You could go in and manually change the minimum night setting for every Monday using the dates for each Monday - Thursday and set as 4 nights and set the regular minimum night as 3?

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