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Five star service (How to improve customer satisfaction and maximise profits)

Dear Hosts,

I am in the process of setting up a new company, the initial idea of which is to make host’s life easier and manage your property for you. The sample offering at the moment is:

Basic package

  •                     Guest check in/out meet and greet services
  •                     Cleaning services before check in and after check outs
  •                     Deposit management
  •                     24/7 support line (regarding any issues with the property)

Premium package - Basic package plus

  • (hotel-like bathroom supplies (branded shampoos/towel sets/robes/complimentary snacks/tea/coffee)
  •                         airport pick up and drop off
  •                         housekeeping - 3 complimentary cleaning (1hr clean)   
  •                         laundry on demand (customer pays)

VIP Package- Premium package plus

  • 24/7 concierge services (event/restaurant bookings/tickets reservations/guest lists)
  • room service (food delivery)
  • up to 5 complimentary drives (personal driver)
  • SPA on home services (50£ complimentary voucher)
  • Local GYM access (5 complimentary entries)

Example of Pricing:

Basic package (10% of rent)
Premium (10% of rent plus fixed fee 180£)
VIP (10% of rent plus 500£ fixed )

It would be great to know what kind of services would you like to be offered ? Initial thoughts and feedback on the business idea. Ideally I want to build a product that customers want and need. Any ideas/criticism is more than welcomed!

Thank you! It’d be interesting to know what people on the market think…


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I love the idea! I only have one AirBnb (my basement apt) but I’m trying to develop an add-on and offer my husband as the concierge. Both my husband and I are retired military, I work and he’s fully retired. He has lots of free time and wouldn’t mind doing night tours of DC. I know when the actual hosts interact with the guests it creates a more personal experience for the guests.

We’ve already sold our first upgrade / add-on package! My husband asks the guest to drive their own vehicle and he acts as passenger / navigator / tour guide. They spend 4 hours seeing the DC sights at night (so beautiful and different) with a local and get to discover all the non-tourist off the beaten path spots. He also offers typical tourist type itineraries. This add-on costs $85 and he’s out about 4 hours. My husband walks and burns calories, we add a more personalized tour experience (happy guest - happy life) and get paid in the process! I think it’s a win-win.

He also offers complimentary cab calls, restaurant reservations, auto detail services (outside their very own guest house) etc.

Here is my BNB listing:

and my additional website for outside promotion (bear in mind it’s not done yet).

Tell me what you think. This idea is still in development but I’d appreciate your feedback.


Can you pick up at Narita? That would be great to have

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