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First weird/bad guest


Against the great advise here, we took a last minute booking from a local. Double doh. Anyways, they messaged about 9pm, expected them at 4pm, that they couldn’t find the place. Google and Garmin are spot on, but no worries. Give them more specific instructions. Hour later they say they found it and thank me. About 20min later I get a message “Sorry, my friends and I decided not to stay at your residence for personal reasons. Is there any possible way we could receive a refund. We left everything untouched, except for the handbook we read.”. Mostly true, except we found the next morning that also used the facilities. I responded at that time with “Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund. Your reservation prevented us from booking any other guests and we had to pay our cleaning service since the rental was entered and used.”. I received multiple message since, still asking for a refund. I have not responded.

Now, listening to the groups collective intelligence this time, I think I want to leave a review for us hosts.

My draft:
Guest booked last minute, struggled to find our rental, and arrived late. Once entered, they toured the rental and used the facilities. Shortly later they left stating personal reasons. The next day I received many texts asking for refunds. I would not recommend hosting this guest.


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I’d include that they had difficulty finding your rental even with exact google and gps directions, indicate exactly HOW late they arrived.

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If they entered and used your facilities (and didn’t provide a legit reason for not staying) it’s a bit cheeky to ask for a refund! It’s odd they left after reading the handbook - if there was something they did not like you would think they might say?!

As a rule of thumb feedback should be reasonable and factual (and left whilst you’re feeling calm) rather than emotional or overly critical. I think your review portrays the situation well. If your guests had checked in and then left as they were unhappy with the accommodation or location - then you could have responded appropriately, but without a reason how can you rectify the situation or offer compensation?

It might be wise to omit the part about not being able to find your place? Just in case people get the wrong impression that’s it located somewhere odd, or you don’t provide good directions! Same for stating they toured the rental - potential guests don’t need to know they had a nosy around first! Keep it simple:

“We accepted a last minute booking from this guest but they arrived much later than stated. On arrival the guests used our facilities , but then left due to personal reasons. (and did not return). The following day we were surprised to receive a refund request.
Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this guest to fellow hosts.”

You’re not alone in accepting a last minute booking or a booking that you aren’t sure about, it’s hard to get the measure of every guest! It’s a good idea to screen guests where possible, but you will get one or two iffy guests I’m afraid!


I think your review is well-done.

Airbnb will notify the guest as soon as you leave a review. My only suggestion is to assassin-post it: wait until a few minutes from 2 weeks after you receive the review e-mail.
If you do it early, the guest can guess they’ve got a stinker and you risk them leaving a retaliatory ‘1-star across the board’ review.


That’s a nice concise review.

You say you got texts asking for a refund. You mean SMS messages to your phone, not messages on the Airbnb platform?


I liked a lot of your version, and will be “plagiarizing” today. Thanks!!

Yeah, as far as bad decisions, or guests, I wont be to hard on myself for this one. I was just amazed how this forum has identified the red flags very well. Not that a flag means don’t rent, but definitely should give cause for pause!


Agreed, another forum general consensus. I love this place…


All communication is on AirBnB, another forum consensus. Was just my sloppy nomenclature to blame there. :slight_smile:

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I would like to thank this forum again. It has wonderful and highly accurate information. Definitely a gold mine to myself and I am sure to new hosts.


a more tactful phrase and one that is understood by other hosts is “this guest would be better suited to a hotel” - hope this helps xx


There is a consensus here on this forum among the most experienced hosts that this is a completely meaningless phrase and we don’t advocate using it.

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This guest would be better suited to a plastic lined room, hosted by Dexter Morgan, in a place that sound doesn’t carry. Amenities that include good drains and a loading bay would be a bonus.

That better?



Glad to be of help! Keep us posted on how you’re getting on!


Missed my ninja post, but so did he. Just upset I didn’t get to warn others.



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