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First non-reader complaining and wanting refund


I know :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:… Then again: Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go everywhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

But you are right, it’s a moral dilemma we are facing. I also very much like being just, but how should we act when being faced with injustice ourselves? We already know that the justice system (AirBnB) is not on our side: They would just let a retaliatory review stand.

@K9KarmaCasa :innocent::innocent::innocent: No, it didn’t really slip out like that. It was a decision :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil: to do so. I considered it the only way to prevent a lousy review. We will reconsider in case of similar event in the future.


Although it’s true that they don’t care about you, other hosts have posted here that they sucessfully petitioned and were granted a review removal.

Ok. Sorry. I misunderstood this

So the intent was to lie to the guest but now the hubby is actually considering that you should give the refund you never intended to give. Hmm.

I wonder if you’ve been “too clever by half” … another English saying.


In my experience … whenever a guest does not like what they got, even though they are getting exactly what the listing indicates and they want out … they will come up with the most obscure or whatever reason to get out.

Perhaps they don’t like your city, figured that they’d rather head to the beach right away …

I would not give a refund, but refer to ‘sure, if I get another booking’ or I would refund 1 instead of 2 nights … which makes it a better solution for the guest than Nada …

I have given some refunds and sometimes not, but bottom line is unless you can easily absorb a bad review, you need to avoid them.

Also, the guest is already ‘entitled’ .


I had to look up this one :woozy_face:. Are you sure you aren’t insulting me? :wink::grin:
No offense taken, I can only admit that there was a moment of recognition when I saw what it means.

People who try different things are not always successful, but we try to learn from our big and small mistakes everyday :blush:. And I decided to share my attempt at something new, to the benefit of all (success or failure).

I have been thinking about going midway as @AlexSJ suggests. The guest was so cheeky to ask for a refund of 50% of what he paid, but this could be interpreted in two ways:

  • 50% of his whole stay (2 canceled nights on a total of 4)
  • 50% of price of the canceled nights

I would choose the second option, and maybe even deduct an administration cost, so that in the end only a symbolic refund remains. What we didn’t do is specify how much we would refund.


And we still haven’t received his cancelation, although we are one hour away from checkout. Maybe they have decided to stay anyway :smirk:. Whenever this kind of hiccup happens with a guest, I just prefer to have them out of our place.


Defintely ONLY for the not used nights …


That or kill them with over the top attentiveness …


I like this idea!!! For the other lady in Brooklyn having an issue as well.


As none was intended. I understand it to mean “you are trying too hard to think of a clever solution and it’s going to bite you in the ass.” I perhaps should have looked it up before using it?


I was just teasing you :wink: .


“On arrival the guests cancelled due to lack of kitchen access and heating. We urge all prospective guests to fully read the listing before booking to prevent disappointment with not finding amenities that we do not offer (kitchen) and are not standard for similar accommodation in this area (heating). Or just ask us beforehand if you are not sure"


How was the guest able to review you if he is still staying and hasn’t canceled his reservation yet?


So it’s been 24 hours…did he check out or not? If not I suppose he’s keeping his entire reservation. Looking forward to hearing about the review!


That’s what I would like to know. I’m in a sort of similar situation and thinking about the review.


As we agreed with our guest on the phone, he canceled the rest of his stay on Sunday just before noon and left the premises. Today (Monday) he left his review, we haven’t reviewed yet.

The detail that I (stupidly / too clever by half) didn’t take into account is that we are on FLEXIBLE, which apparently means that the moment a guest cancels, they only have to pay the next night and they get their payment for other nights back right away from AirBnB :confounded:. So he immediately got his last night reimbursed :smirk:.
The good thing, I don’t think he saw the reimbursement of 1 night before writing his review. The bad thing, he is already asking for his reimbursement.

Reading his messages again, I do think that he is expecting reimbursement for the two nights they didn’t stay.


You asked your husband to tell the guest that you will refund him after he leaves his positive review, but you never planned on reimbursing him? Do I have that right?


YES, I thought reimbursing would be very unfair since the only one to blame is the guest for not reading. Since they are the only ones to blame, a bad review would also be very unjust. So yes, I won’t lie: We lied !
But he already got 1 of 2 nights back because of our flexible cancelation policy, so the guest has little to complain.


OMG, funny, I totally forgot this song (and Amy Grant for that matter) existed. She’s a blast from the past!


Wow, am I the only one who thinks that this is wrong on so many levels? Sense of decency, hello? Great way to get more people staying away from Airbnb for good. And what for? The price of one night? Is it really worth acting like a jackass for that? If you want to sell your soul to the devil, at least get something valuable in return…

Plus, the guest might have read everything but not checked the amenity section carefully, thinking if there are questionable items, they would also be mentioned in the write-up.

But then you also don’t mention that the guests won’t get keys, do you?



What would your plan of action be? Instead of judging me for being honest, maybe you can give some decent input.

Just as a recap: The guest already got 50% of the canceled days back. And the guest already wrote a review. We still haven’t reviewed and we still haven’t decided if we will refund the rest of the money, which would be against the FLEXIBLE cancelation policy we have.

What kind of review would you leave?
And would you refund the rest of the money? Maybe even the whole stay?

EDIT: The part of your text I quoted could also almost entirely apply to the guest.

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