First Listing - How to add Security Deposit, Cleaning Fee and my Bank Details?

Im in the process of adding my first listing as a host but nowhere in the listing process am I able to enter Security Deposit, Cleaning Fee and my Bank Details to receive payment from a guest. In the ‘Help Centre’ it says:

How do I add a security deposit to my listing?
To add or edit a security deposit to your listing:
Go to Your listings on airbnb and select a listing
Click Manage listing
Click Pricing settings at the top of the page
Next to Extra charges, click Edit
Under Security deposit, enter an amount between $100 and $5,000 USD
Click Save

It says same thing for cleaning.

But when I go to ‘Pricing Settings’ all I see is ‘How do you want to set your price?’ ie fixed or adaptive and no other ‘extra charges’ sections anywhere.


You don’t have access to many of the fields until the listing goes live. What I did was go live, and then snooze almost immediately so that I could fill in the rest of my information before being booked.


thank you! i also noticed i cant offer a different price based on how many people are staying. will that also show when live?

also, if i snooze the listing will it still show in search results?

Please read through Airbnb’s site thoroughly. These are basic things you need to know how to do before you start hosting.

@konacoconutz advice is good. Read through the Airbnb host resources. Also as mentioned earlier in this thread, Airbnb gets you listed with a minimum of information then gives you access to more fields.

Most of what you asked about will be available after your listing is active:
Listing status will appear & you can edit it to snooze.
Pricing will have more options.