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First guest, quote wrong

I am brand new to AirBnb, just went live last night & apparently I did not check thoroughly enough, despite my having entered a cleaning fee when I was setting up the listing, it does not show up.

The request is a guest with no reviews who has not yet responded to an email (in fairness she requested to book at nearly 2AM and may still be sleeping)

It’s for 8 people which is my absolute max, but do I correct the quote and if so, how?
Also, I am awaiting her answer as to whether she is bringing a dog & that would add an extra $50, how would I add that

In other words, how do you modify a quote, it’s only for two nights so I cannot really absorb a lot of mistakes on fees and make anything by the time I pay my crew.

You can change the quote via a special offer or just decline this reservation and try again on the next one.

How far away are the people who made the request? Was there anything noteworthy in the request?

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It currently offers accept or decline, can I adjust that quote? Can I offer her a special offer
Noteworthy? I am not sure, yet, what that means to AirBnb, this is my first guest, per VRBO history, it seems normal enough, two nights, 8 people, fishing at our lake, etc

Far away, they are 8-10 hour drive away

Down on the left side of the reservation request where it breaks down the costs, there should be a Send Special Offer button.

I see the breakdown of fees but no send special offer

I think it is okay to offer a special request. In fact in this case for such a large group with no reviews, it is a great opportunity to perhaps defer a confirmed booking.

I also got caught out. Put my peak season prices (Easter) on the wrong dates. Dang! A guest booked at the lower rate which I accepted. His gain. My loss. I never even mentioned that he got a great deal whilst he was here. Best to let him think of what great value we are.

Sometimes you do make mistakes. Never ever however ask for more after accepting the booking when you have made the mistake.

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Thanks for the insights. I did tell her about the cleaning charge and she agreed to it before I accepted. Hopefully this works out fine. The switch from VRBO to AirBnB figures to have a few bumps!
All the billing differences do make for some confusion initially.

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