First guest, need lockbox hekp

I have a rant about my 22 year old daughter who lives with me. She has her own bedroom and knows about the Airbnb thing and has been for the most part helpful. Also helpful. I have a lock box that I bought specifically for the Airbnb person. The Airbnb person checked out while I was gone and put the key in a place other than lockbox which irritated me but oh well. My daughter took it upon herself to clean the room which irritated me because it was the first time that guests left and I wanted to see what condition and left it in. While it’s a mystery because she cleaned it and said it was fine. But the worst thing is, she put the key back in the lockbox and says she didn’t do anything else but the damn cold that I entered does not work. It is a huge lock box and I probably will need to call Professional to fucking cut the thing off. I’m so irritated with her because I asked her to do nothing of these things and she think she did me a favor but she actually has just created more work and stress for me that I need.

I thanked her for doing the laundry but in the meantime, I have to figure out what to do with this huge lock box hanging on my front door that I can now not access. My next guest is coming in a few days. I don’t want to hide a key somewhere but I may just have to do that while I get this figured out. Does anyone know how to reset a programmed lick box with numbers you slide manually to set? Real estate forums may have advice too. Just annoyed. Still sick and she made more work for me.

Now that you’ve “ranted” to us about your daughter, perhaps you’re calm enough to appreciate how kind and thoughtful she was to clean the room and do the laundry for you.

The lock-box may well have malfunctioned even had it been you who returned the key to it.

Call the manufacturer and ask them how to reset the code.

Or google it and look for the instruction manual.


Agree. She was only trying to help. My son watched as I cleaned today. It’s okay, we both know he is crap at cleaning. I told him he could help just by keeping me company.


You’re right. I’m just irritated this happened and I’ve been so darn sick lately and am not getting better. I should have gotten a cheaper lock box but no, I was stupid and got a really heavy duty one and will probably have to find an expensive box cutter to get it off. I contacted Amazon and they said the manufacturer is Master Lock. Doesn’t seem right but I contacted Master Lock and who knows how long that will take. I just want the damn thing off my door. I will hide the stupid key to my house for guests in my front porch and hope thieves don’t find it. I learned my lesson for using a stupid fancy lock box. Never again.

If there was a default code to unlock it would make it rather pointless, lots of programmable locks out there which would make life easier.


I’m going to be frank. This is one of the nastiest, most out of proportioned posts I’ve read on this forum. If this is how you react to the fairly small problem of a malfunctioning lockbox then you really shouldn’t be an airbnb host. If this is how you talk about a helpful daughter then I can’t imagine how other people who get on your bad side get treated.

You’ve already had more than your share of problems. I suggest you put you listing on snooze until you get well. You’ve used being sick as an excuse quite enough already.


There is no “resetting” of MasterLock self-create combination locks as their fAQ’s online clearly outline:

i have to agree with @KKC. Hosting strangers in your home might not be a healthy thing for you [and your relationship with your daughter] right now.

I imagine the problem is “user error.” Perhaps when the OP clears her head she’ll be able to get the box open.

I keep a notebook (I set a new code for every guest) just in case I have a total brain fart. My MasterLock box can not be closed without entering a valid code which reduces the chances of user error. Well, doesn’t reduce the chance of user error, but makes user error obvious before it is permanent.


I use a lock box too. You may have mentioned—does yours hang on the door knob? Mine may be similar to yours. I appreciate the heads up. I will check to make sure that my setting flip switches are still covered.

You can probably cut the lock off with bolt cutters Home Depot rents $8 for 4 hours—cheaper than a locksmith.

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I have a chronic illness but I would never, ever take it out on my children, husband or guests. Illness and sickness just happen, very few escape some without some sort of pain and misery. You need to be in a decent place mentally to accept strangers in your house if your body is not working as expected. Your guest made one small mistake, trust me read this thread and you will see what trouble some hosts come across.

Your daughter sounds like a lovely young lady instead of belittling and moaning about her , you should thank the heavens that you were blessed with such a caring young girl.

Get a notepad and write down your codes so you won’t forget and go to something nice for your daughter like she did for you



You gave us fair notice that this was a rant. By seeming to judge your relationship with your daughter or fitness to host, perhaps we are not giving you the grace to let you rant and clear your frustration. I don’t know your age or circumstance but I’m in menopause. Hormones (or lack there of) can make me snap at things I would usually take in stride.

Have a cup of coffee or tea.

Please update us with how you resolved the key box problem and what you did to thank your daughter for her help. (Even if she did goof up the key box—it was an accident & as hosts we all know poop happens—I cant get the emoji to work!!!).

I would tend to agree. This rant really doesn’t have a place here. Maybe try some parenting forums?

I don’t think many of us appreciated hearing you blast a family member online like this, and it is possible you may not have the temperament to be an Airbnb host. Things are going to happen that will be waaaay more challenging than this, so you’ll either have learn from the mistakes like the rest of us have done or find another use for your spare room. You really don’t sound ready for prime time.


It’s complicated and none of you know me or everything. Forget I posted. I got this.

Bye Felicia. …


Just because someone says “this is a rant” doesn’t mean they get a pass on people post their honest reactions. It’s like when people preface a post with “don’t say this to me or that to me” and then when people give their opinions they object. If you don’t want to hear what people have to say, don’t post on an internet forum.

We? You are, I’m definitely not.

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You would need an angle grinder to get it off.

You may think you are ranting, but I find what you’ve written offensive in the extreme; whether you are unwell or not, there is absolutely no excuse for writing so disrespectfully, in public, about your daughter. It sounds as if she was trying to be really helpful to you while you go on and on about how sick you are. I feel very sorry for her and I hope you see some sense and apologise to her.

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So sad—another thread ending with hurt feelings and someone who probably won’t reach out again.

The OP was correct no one on this forum know her or her situation. To judge someone’s parenting or hosting based on one post is unfair. After the OP said she was out of this thread someone continued to post negative comments.

Every one has been pushed over the edge with life events and lashed out inappropriately. I know I have. We all need to be treated with a lttle patience and grace and given the opportunity to step back and think about what we are really trying to say.

Life is hard. I don’t need to make it any harder so bye bye Felicia to me too.

I wasn’t basing my remark about taking a break on this single post it was based on all her posts which include posts about being sick, feeling awkward, and the Super Bowl guest who is only staying one night. It is my opinion that she’s overwhelmed and needs to step back.

No, I don’t know her or her daughter but her daughter also deserves to be treated with a little patience and grace.

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