First guest coming

Hi All

I have my first guest coming next Thursday! I’m a little
nervous… I’ve read alot but wanted to know if anyone has any first timer advice that would be good to know?

If we knew more about you and your listing it would be easier to give you advice.

For generic comments search “first guest” in the search box

Hi @Steph

This issue was covered quite recently on here, have you had a look at previous posts on the same subject?

Airbnb also has useful advice on its website.

My main advice is to read through Airbnb Help Centre, paying special attention to Instant Book, Host Guarantee, Host cancellations, Guest Rules.

What are you nervous about? Be specific and we can better help you

IF you can meet and greet them it will be helpful to you too. Meet in person the guest and exchange a few words. We did it and she was a really nice guest and it took the level of anxiety down. Hope this helps.

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Congratulations on your first guest! Do you live on-site, and will you be greeting them? Do you have a friend or family member who could pretend to run through the check-in process with you to see if everything makes sense to them? Have you stayed in your own listing to ensure things are set up and flow the way you want them to?

Most of all, enjoy the process, and read as much as you can about everything. We are all continually learning from one another. If you’d like to share your listing, we might be able to give you some additional feedback.


Thank you all! I do not live in site but plan on greeting them. I think it’s a good thing, maybe, that this is their first air BNB experience too. We’re kinda in it together.

[Thank you all](Thank you all

It’s a lovely place. It appears you are going to allow parties/events at this home? I know it said your son is living on the property but you might want to consider some outdoor cameras. That’s my #1 bit of advice to hosts who have an entire place where they aren’t on site. It seems that most hosts who have issues are hosts with entire homes and people party and trash the house.

As for your first guest there is no need to be nervous. Just welcome them and let them know you are available anytime if they need anything. Hopefully you’ve stayed in the house a few nights and you know everything works and they have everything they need like wine opener and toilet plunger (this is kind of an inside joke inspired by another first guest post recently).

Also the house should have a guest guide so guests can find the answers to questions on their own without messaging you.

One more thing: if there are issues, keep the messages on the airbnb platform so you have a record for Airbnb just in case you need their help. For example if the guest calls you on the phone and says there’s no hot water go to the platform and message them about it.


What a lovely listing. Good luck. Let us know how it goes :blush:

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Gorgeous house! There is a thread here about my first guest woes. You place is stunning I think you will do better than I did. But I fixed all mistakes with friendly and prompt customer service a f they srltill gave me a good review.

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Thank you all for taking the time to look at my listing and offering such valuable suggestions! We have 3 bookings so far. K9Karmacasa, Im glad you pointed out the parties being allowed, I forgot to check no for that. I think I will definitely get a camera.


Which outdoor cameras do you personally recommend? I’m shopping for some, currently.

I had mine professionally installed and I don’t know the brand. The are hard wired, vandal resistant and record 24/7 to a DVR. I also have a Ring doorbell which I installed myself.

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The owners I work for put in the Wireless Arlo. I love those three cameras and I’m an 8+ hour drive away from the home. You’ll need good speed on your wifi for them.

I also noted you’ve got the mini split heater/AC in the rooms. Very very efficient!

We have the Arlo too. I felt like it was expensive but it was easy to install and no wiring and so far works great! You have to charge it for 2 hours every few months.