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First guest arriving tomorrow (so excited)

I’ve been working on my listing for a year now (https://www.airbnb.com.mt/rooms/15557670) and my first guest is arriving tomorrow (yey!). I’m a bit nervous but looking forward to start this new adventure. Would like to thank everyone for your help and support.


Good luck, @travellinbug!! Let us know how it goes

Good luck! I bet everything will be wonderful :slight_smile:

Hooray! How exciting for you! I am sure it will go well. Keep us updated.

very nice looking place - I am sure you will get great reviews.

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Can’t wait to hear :slight_smile:

Place looks great and lovely pictures.
All the best!

Good luck!!! I’m sure it will go really well!

So how is it going? No problems?

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My guests checked out yesterday, very nice couple from UK. I was very nervous but everything went smoothly, they arrived on time and had no issues during their stay. They didn’t ask but on the last day I allowed them to stay a bit extra past the check out time and they thanked me for that.

Since check in was late in the evening I made sure to switch on the hot water for them and switched on all the lights to make the space look more welcoming. I also supplied them with some milk, water and some snacks.

They left the apartment super clean as well! They removed the sheets and folded them and I think they also cleaned the bathroom as it was spotless (both things I didn’t ask them to do). They also wrote me a nice note which they left on the kitchen table listing that they liked the location and the apartment, thanked me for the snacks and they gave me a tip about supplying a small knife for peeling fruit and veg. I am ecstatic, it was a very positive first experience!

Their review is short and simple but positive “Very well situated, clean compact apartment with everything you need. Super organised and welcoming host. Quiet location yet central. Recommend.”

I hope I will have many more good experiences like this :slight_smile:
Once again I thank you all for the invaluable experience you provide on this forum.


So happy for you!!! Many guests will be like that - savor the moments. When they are not, we will be here then, too.


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