First cancellation as host - extenuating circumstances?

Hello all,

We’re currently on holiday in Europe. We were due to fly home today, however, due to adverse weather and associated weather warnings in Scotland the airport there was closed and the airline cancelled the flight. We were due to host a guest on Saturday - but we cannot get a return flight until that day, which would get us home early the next morning (Sunday).

I therefore contacted Airbnb to ask about getting the guest another accomodation (to attend their event) and cancelling without penalty for us. The case manager did not get back to me today as advised. I also contacted the guest to explain. They understands and has asked me to cancel.

I think these circumstances are extenuating and do not merit penalty. Do you agree?

Sounds like it! It should be… they give the guest EC in that case!

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That was my impression too. This is clearly not within my control and up to now we’ve had all (11) five-star reviews.

I see that Airbnb allows me to cancel and retrospectively appeal for extenuating circumstances. Is it better to cancel now, allow the guest the refund (for which I have no issue either way) or wait to hear from Airbnb about penalties?

That’s a tough one, not sure how Airbnb will handle it.

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I would cancel now and then retrospectively apply for EC. You can’t not cancel, it’s not the guests fault (and I know it’s not yours either). Either way these guests deserve a refund asap so they can make other arrangements


I would contact Airbnb only and let them sort it out - the cancellation and the rehousing of the guest. I know that some hosts have had not-too-brilliant experiences but I’ve always found them to be really helpful.

I’m certain that yours is an extenuating circumstance that’s happening quite a lot due to the current weird weather. Luckily, South Florida isn’t suffering :sunny:

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Yes, call them and let them cancel it!


An EC if there ever was one.


Thanks to all for your advice. I contacted Airbnb again to speak to the case manager - I wasn’t able to but was reassured the request was “with the right team” and I will hear back. Hopefully it happens today, it needs to be as the booking is for tomorrow. I’ve given an update to the guest to reassure them either way they’ll get a full refund.

Airbnb Support just messaged me. They apologised for the time it’s taken to respond (over a day) and confirmed that they have cancelled the booking, penalty free for us, and issued a full refund to the guest. I’m satisfied with that.

We now just need to hope our flight isn’t cancelled again tomorrow! We had a nightmare arranging the temporary accommodation - the airline only emailed at 10:00 this morning to confirm the hotel for last night! We ended up booking our own clearly. Honestly they have been terrible.

Out of curiosity did you have to provide them documentation to back this claim up?

I offered confirmation of bookings/cancellation but they did not request it.