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First bad review


I got my first negative review. Well, it wasnt that bad, she started out by saying how nice the room was…and what a great host I was but then she complained about the bed. It was too firm and she had trouble sleeping. There is no box spring because it is a Tuft N needles mattress, very comfortable,she complained it was not comfortable.The other guests seem to like it.Should I add a memory foam topper? But then will someone else complain that the bed is too soft?? Then she said "if you are going to san diego it is a bit of a drive’. Well, yes it is I mentioned in my listing it was 40 minutes. Should I add a comment or just let it go??


Can you have a memory foam topper on-hand in the event that future guests have issues? I don’t know how much they cost.

Can you write in your review "I’m so sorry you found the bed uncomfortable. I would have been happy to have fixed the situation. You are right, San Diego is a 40 minute drive - I like that I can offer a quiet spot away from the city (or something similar?)

Sorry for the first negative - never any fun - you just can’t please everyone.


I would just ignore it. If its only one person out of many who didnt like your mattress then ignore it. You can’t please everyone. It’s the same thing as location. It’s not something you can change. She doesn’t like firm, another person likes firm, it’s one of those situations that you can’t really do anyhting.
One of my guests put overal experience 4* because I didnt have TV for him on his bedroom. One complained about the switch that is not connected to the lamp. These are just ridiculous complains that we should ignore.


These reviews are upsetting, especially when you have been clear in your listing. I haven’t had one about comfort, but I did have a woman complain about distances to other towns that she was catching taxis to, despite the fact I had been clear with her about distances and that hiring a car is much better option.

Regarding the mattress, comfort is ever important and as you know, a good sleep is everything. I went and read a lot of reviews of this mattress since I heard it recommended here. It does sound like a very well liked mattress especially for the price range, but also in general. I love my latex mattress, and these sound like a cheaper version of a latex mattress. I did notice a number of people found the mattress too firm however, and they fixed this with a topper. I would personally choose a cheap egg foam topper over memory foam. The reasons are: memory foam can sleep very hot, it has a very distinct feel that some people love and others are not so fond of, whereas the egg foam just feels like regular soft padding on a normal bed, will add just an inch or two of cushion to pad out the slight firmness that sensitive people might be experiencing on their pressure points. Foam mattresses are different in this way to spring mattresses, and once you get the balance right, it truly will be heavenly for your guests, and the egg foam can be had for very cheap, and you can then replace as needed, as well as protect your mattress at the same time! I agree that you don’t want to soften too much, and just an inch’ll do ha. I hope that helps.

As a response to the review, I agree with dcmooney, that a pleasant reply is always nice for future guests to see. Mine would go something like:
I am so glad you enjoyed the room and hospitality, xxx. I do note the distance to San Diego on my listing to try to help guest decide if my home is going to suit their needs, and I am sorry to hear you missed it. I will try to make it even more clear to prevent any further misunderstandings. I am sorry you found our bed too firm. We have had many complements on it so far, but take all feedback seriously. We will now supply a soft topper for guests that prefer a soft bed so that we can meet the tastes of all our guests. Thanks for visiting our home.

Or some other such malarkey :yum:


we can’t please em all diamond. as mooney said, can you have a topper available if someone finds the mattress too firm? i have a sleep number bed in my spare room so i’m glad i don’t have to worry about that one. i think there are people in this world that just LIVE to nitpik. as yana said, ignore it.


Ignore it. With things like that you just can’t make everyone happy, some people love my bed, others think it is too soft/hard/big/small. It’s personal preference and I think people shouldn’t really mention it in the review unless there is a real problem.


Ignore. If you add a response, it will print your ENTIRE response and really draw attention to it. Soon enough it will fall away and be forgotten.


Here is what I did; I ordered a bamboo mattress topper;the benefit being that it does not generate heat and will add a little more comfort to a firm mattress; I actually added that in my listing… Also, this bed does not have a box spring;it was designed to NOT have a box spring.When I do the quick walk thru I will “introduce the bed” and let them know this bed was meant to not have a box spring and that I have added a bamboo topper to the bed(it has 2400 positive reviews on amazon people, if THATS not good enough…oh well!! Sometimes old people especially are suspicious of beds without box springs.This bed has over 1000 positive reviews on amazon;the highest rating of any bed. The rest of her review was actually really good but I think if they have anything negative to say why dont they say it in private remarks??? In fact I think if I can get to know them a little bit I might be able to ask them if they would like to be reviewed and if they liked their stay if they could review me and if they have anything they think I need to improve on please put it in “private remarks”…I love this bed its so easy to put the fitted sheets on!I am so used to fighting with the fitted sheet!No more; so easy ; no more ripping the fitted sheet as I struggle to put it on;I always hated it when I would put one corner on and the other corner would pop off.


I had one person say once that my Sealy posturpedic mattress (purchased new) was “lumpy.” That was hundreds of guests ago and have never had anyone say it was lumpy since. Cannot please everyone.


yes, Im finding that out…

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