First bad guests followed by bad review from then

I would like to inform you about something unfair and painful about what did my last guests: Dmitry and Marria. For the 1st of my Airbnb life as host, I am very disappointed. Everything was good working until now: nice guests, and great conversation with all the guests before: I get 5 stars review!
But for this last week: they took “everything” from my fridge. I have said at their arrivals: I can provide you coco oil for the 1st day but not all the week. They have finished 3 coco big oil bottles during their stay. I have food intolerance and my food is very expensive for medical reasons.
And the cat: it was so unquiet and disturb a lot when I tried to relax few minutes in my room, taking a shower in my bath room. how can I delete the bad review from then?

Thanks in advance for your help,


I get the impression you’re a new host and this is your first disappointing review. Did they mention anything personal in the review or was the review strictly about the accommodation ? If you’re willing perhaps you could post the review here so Hosts can take a look.


Hi, yes I am a new host. Thanks for your nice reply. this review is so frustrating and it makes me to 4.4 ( was before at 5). I have no boyfriend currently. Nothing is true. Look:

Good: the room is OK, the bed is comfy, the location is fine, it’s very quiet. Bad: We saw COCKROACHES in the kitchen several times. The communication with Adeline was very difficult. Every time we saw her, she had some reprimand to make. Please do this, don’t do that, etc. E.g., the last day, she made a fuss about us having used her coconut butter. We did use it, but just one spoon, and it was standing right next to the oven, so it was natural to suppose it was OK to cook with it, as the use of kitchen was allowed per conditions. Then, just before the departure, she asked if we had “taken” (i.e. stolen) any of her knives! Not a very nice thing to hear from your host. We stayed with our cat (the house was marked pet-friendly). Adeline and her boyfriend were both either afraid or too shy to touch him. When he got into her bedroom or into a cupboard, she always called me to take him away. Which was in vain, because our bedroom did not close fully (it is separated from the sitting room by a folding screen), so it was impossible to close the cat inside.

Who travels with a cat? :laughing:

But back to your question… Are anything of these things true, Adeline? Did you hover over and reprimand them? Their version of the coconut oil seems to contradict yours. Honestly, how could anyone go through that much coconut oil in such a short time? Did you accuse them of stealing knives?

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I would suggest hiding your coconut oil away in future and maybe providing a cheap bottle of vegetable oil for guests. Or just make it very clear that they all to purchase ALL their own food if they are to use the kitchen.

I agree it’s very strange to travel with a cat! Maybe hosting pets is not the best idea if the guest room doesn’t have a functioning door and you don’t want them wandering around?

I find the whole thing confusing :slight_smile:

But in answer to the question it doesn’t seem that there’s anything in the review that contravenes Airbnb review policy. Also, there’s no way that a host can remove a review simply because they don’t like it. Adeline, you’re a host so you know this?

What review did you leave for them?

Guests can be very stupid (or very arrogant) sometimes.

Do your house rules specifically say “Do not use my food or ingredients.” ?? Do you house rules specifically say “Pets must remain in the guest room and are not allowed to wander in the house.”??

If your rules do not specifically say those things, then I think you need to say them exactly like that. These guests took the attitude that “If I see it I can use it.” which may not be right but you need to tell guests that it is not right.

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…uhh, I believe that would be “Steve5500”, rather than 5150 (…but no matter, I have a problem with numbers also.)

Hehe…I think @Robert_Dudley may be making a reference to 5150 - an involuntary psychiatric hold (or the Van Halen album. Same same). Or maybe I’m reading too much into his cleverness? :smirk:


Thanks Ken and all for your replies, I was as usual with my guests. Before then I received 6 5stars and really nice comments from my guests. Now I was looking at my profile and it is written: global evaluation= 0 %. If I click on 0%, It is written 4.4 %. What can see my future guests 0 or 4.4?

Thank in advance for your reply,


4.4/5 is very different from 4.4% (or written long hand 4.4/100). Which one is it? An average of 4.4 (out of 5) would be right based on what you’ve said.

it is 4.4. I would like to send a screen sheet to support my explanation but where can I put my attachment?

4.4 out of 5. . I would like to send a screen sheet to support my explanation but where can I put my attachment?

Shows how little I look at stars and stuff, I can’t even find the section @Adeline is talking about!!

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Global evaluation = overall rating.

You can’t.
You can ignore it, or write a good reply on the review.

And the other thing is to learn from it.

Because I doubt it is all untrue…

  1. What did they see in the kitchen? Where they cockroaches or where they other things? Maybe get an exterminator in on regular basis if you got an insect problem.
  2. Try to avoid reprimanding guests, sometimes it is better to be patient and do not say anything. At some point they will leave. You are a hosts, and this is part of the business.
  3. If you do not want people to use certain things, make sure they cannot get to them. If they are accesable, at some point some guest will use it… again this is anoying, but it is a part of being in this business.
  4. Accusing a guest of stealing is an absolute no-go. It could also be that things got lost in translation, so make sure your guest understand you before you ask questions like this. But you are in a business where items go “missing”… learn to live with it.
  5. As for the pets, either stop accepting them, or make sure they cannot walk arround the house. How can a cat disturb you when you take a shower?? Don’t you have doors?

Thank you for your nice and constructive criticism, Chris. I agree with you. I think I am a fairly good host, of course I have my way and my limits. I really appreciate our communication.