First 24 hours, is this normal?

Hi everyone Im Joey and i just signed up for Airbnb within the last 24 hours! I have already gotten 1 booking for 1200.00 and another inquiry for 2300.00 that would be 4000.00 in bookings in 24 hours. I am most definitely in a hotspot, but I wasn’t expecting such a quick/big financial response.

My questions, is this kind of reply from renters normal? Was your response like this?

To put some reference out there, i did keep my prices at or lower than everyone else to get my reviews up before i raise prices and my place is nicer than most with all new furnishings, and I grant full house access…

Any advise from experienced hosts would be greatly appreicated :slight_smile:

It would help if you told us the daily amount and how long the guests plan to stay. Also, do the guests have good reviews? Are they verified? What country are you in?

Sorry about that, Im still learning. I am in the USA. Both parties are verified, one has no reviews (Male 41) spoke to him at length and seems like a nice enough guy. The other Female (around 30) has 3 reviews. The guy wants around ten days and the girl wants a month. The girl however is wanting to negotiate on price shaving off around 1200 for the month stay. Both people will travel solo without guests.


Of course if you are cheaper that anyone in the area you will get a huge responce. It s nothing unusual. It was the same with me when I put low price during spring break and was booked immediately to the end of e month.,
Low prices are the main reason why people would book you right away. Good luck with hosting:)

J5… Be careful with anyone who stays a month… as we have warned on this forum before, in most states here in the US, that will move the vacation renter to month-to-month tenant status, with all the rights of that status. So if they didn’t want to leave, for example, you’d have to evict them through the regular legal channels. Google Airbnb Palm Springs squatter case and you will see what a nightmare that can become. If you really want to book the longer stay, tell them it’s 28 or 29 days and can be booked in blocks llike that so they don’t turn into a nightmare tenant. In some states, we have heard, this is only a 3-day stay before they acquire tenant rights! Be careful!

I also refuse to grant any discounts with longer term stays. You make more money turning it over, if you charge a cleaning fee. Sometimes the longer stays are people who can’t find regular housing and could be motivated to squat on you.

Beware also of negotiators… it’s a red flag to me and speaks to their character that they are negotiating. They don’t respect you right off the bat. Usually does not make for a good guest. If they try that on me, I decline them. There will always be other guests.

The male guest sounds fine to book. I wouldn’t be so sure about the female. What reason does she give you for staying so long? You have a right to ask.

Solo guests can be trouble too… partying, bringing strangers back, etc. Make sure they know your rules clearly before booking them. My rules state “Only your registered guests allowed on property or in the apartment.”

When you say “grant full house access” does that mean you are renting out a self-contained spasce or does that mean they have access to the living room, kitchen, laundry, etc.?

If you think you can book each week to different people then I would pass on the female wanting a monthly discount. Is she trying to book during your peak season? Listen to Kona about people maybe wanting to squat. Even if the girl has good reviews it doesn’t always mean that it was her who stayed at those properties…unless they are mentioning her by name. But we have read on here about people booking for others and using their account. There was the story about the parent who booked for their daughter and a friend - it turned into a squatting nightmare.

I would increase your prices a bit and see if the inquiries come flowing through still.

If your prices are below the competition then yes this could certainly be normal.
Especially if they are low for the holidays.
In pricing take into account the extra costs in utilities etc which I have found to be much higher with long term guests then with daily guests!
All the best and smile - many people are not so lucky starting out!

That’s very true. long term guests start to settle down. They don’t go out that much and start washing and cooking more.

Hi Joey, congratulations! Hopefully you can get your price up where you think it should be soon.

I would listen to the others regarding the month long guest. I never book to guests that try to get a discount. Read some posts here. Almost universally the discount hunters make the worst guests (with some exceptions, but rare). Often those paying the least expect the most! It took me a couple of goes to realize I didn’t want to deal with them, because even messaging with them before accepting a booking would get me irritated - not a good start.

What kind of arrangement is your Airbnb? Are you there as host or away?

All the best. Let us know how it goes.