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Fire tables in an Airbnb


Does anyone else have one in their listing? Is this a good idea as far as safety goes? I don’t want to create any hazards that could result in a liability lawsuit. Can I add something to my house rules saying guest accepts all risk?


You can’t add in house rules that aren’t legally enforceable such as denying liability.

Airbnb has liability insurance for hosts in certain countries (See Airbnb Help Centre)

Personally I wouldn’t have a fire table but I know hosts particularly in the US seem to have BBQs and outdoor fires.


We hav a propane fire table on the porch but it isn’t used very often because we charge a $35 security deposit and $10 per night. It’s kind of a pain in the but the people that do want to use it don’t think about asking before hand and i have to go and fill the tanks and then show them how to use it. The worst thing that someone had done to the fire table is actually have a real wood burning fire in it that was very upsetting moment .


We just cannot have any real fire outside around our place. But a double size Himalayan Salt (rock like pieces) electric lamp I hope will provide the “burning coals” look in our outdoor space.

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