Fire pits - safety

Coming off of a similar thread. For hosts with fire pits, how many saftey issues have you had to deal with? I have considered adding one to lake cottage as an amenity, but unsure want to deal with problems.

Lowe’s had an awesome gas one… I mean the effect is the same without nearly the hazards. Like I said, I’ve had guests almost burn down the house with their clueless BBQing antics.

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Now that I’ve seen @HiddenHaven’s video I wouldn’t permit firepits if I was an insurance company. @CatskillsGrrl what does your insurance say about your outdoor fireplace? That seems better than a fire pit.

I don’t even allow guests to use the gas grill. Just spend some time here reading how amazingly, astonishingly daft guests can be.

My mantra has always been that it’s all very well to provide guests with the best possible amenities (and I hope I do) but not to tempt fate with amenities that can cause me problems.

Or being sued.


Gas grills are a big hit at my places. Generally thought to be safer compared to charcoal.

I agree that they are much safer. Just my quirkiness, but I don’t want a guest to sue me for burns or salmonella :slight_smile:

I never talked to my insurance company about my outdoor fireplace or fire pit. It would never occur to me to do so. I don’t know anyone in town who doesn’t have some kind of fire pit or chiminea.

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I offer a fire pit for guests and have never had an issue. I do put a pail of water by the pit to put it out at the end of the night. We also live on site and (knock on wood) haven’t seen any guest leave the embers burning. We also supply a gas BBQ. Where we live a BBQ is a must, and we would probably get ‘stink eye’ if the guests could smell us BBQ big juicy steaks and they couldn’t!!!

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