Finding the Host Dashboard

I’ve had a problem for a few weeks (lost track of time - it may have been only a couple of weeks!)
When I open Airbnb I get the generic page. The I log in, and it stays on the generic page. In the past I could click on the logo and there was a dropdown menu with an option of “switch to hosting”. That is gone.

The only way I can get to the hosting page is to click on my profile. That dropdown menu does not have an option for the dashboard. To get there I have to click on messages, open an old message, clike on the three lines in the left corner, and then get the dropdown menu that has an option for Hosting Dashboard.

I got out of the habit of checking every day since we haven’t had any guests since April1. I mentioned on this forum we hosted a guest working in a medical facility until she found a free place to stay. Since then we have decided to close indefinatly since it is an in-home room and we are both over 60. Deciding when and how to reopen will be another discussion but that is why I don’t check daily. I do check email daily. We did not get the email that was mentioned on another thread about one on 3/31 that referenced the “guest contributions”. I learn more on this forum than I do from Air commuications. Thanks to those who post!

Anyone else having to do a workaround to see the Dashboard?

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Yes, it is gone for me too. I hadn’t noticed because I don’t usually log-out but I went and checked from the generic page and it no longer gives the option for “switch to hosting”.

Did you de-list your listings for this? I ask because even though there’s not a “switch to hosting” option on the drop-down menu, there is a “manage properties” option there. When I click on that, it takes me to my hosting dashboard. But if you’ve de-listed your properties, then it may not give that option to “manage properties”. Is that a possibility?

No, I didn’t delist - just blocked the dates to May 4. That is the date our governor has the stay at home recommendation out to. I expect it will go longer though. Will be reviewing that date and our listing this weekend with my husband and do some revising. I have been checking the listings in my area and the vast majority (even the in-home) are still available for booking. However, most had their last reviews in March.

Oh, okay, that doesn’t make sense then. Did you look for “manage properties” in the dropdown menu. I don’t mean to be daft but the whole thing looks different than it used to and I didn’t notice that option at first.

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I have a dashboard shortcut on my Chrome Book desktop, which I’ve occasionally deleted by accident. If I do a search for Airbnb, my dashboard comes up as one of the choices.

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Just looked now and that does bring up the Host Dashboard - it didn’t last time I looked! Last time I checked it just gave the options to change things in the listing. Not notifications etc

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Bear in mind that the children employed in what passes as an IT dept at Airbnb have been playing with their digital toys recently, it may just have been a glitch that’s now been rectified.