Finally understand why split stays appear in search

I don’t like the Airbnb search function. There is no point in complaining because no one here can fix it.


The split stay option has been annoying at best when it pops up for a week stay. Now I think I like it.

Today I was snooping on the neighbors’ pricing for the month of April.

1 listing is available 4/1-15, the other 4/15-30.

Affordable full month April listings can be scarce (prime golf & beach time). In this case the split stay makes sense to me.

Well, there is a fairly long thread on the CC full of guests railing against the split-stay feature, and the fact that there is no way to turn it off. They hate it. No way they want to pack up and move to another listing in the same area in the middle of their stay dates.

That isn’t good for business, except perhaps in the very specific example you give.

This is the real issue - not letting the user choose.

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Yes, it needs to be an optional feature, not the default. That would seem so incredibly obvious to anyone but Airbnb’s ideas people.


Yes, and then these guests think because Airbnb suggested it, they can check in to the other place at 10 AM

We are checking out of our current Airbnb and check in to yours on Monday. They have been booked as a combined stay, so will check in at 9 AM so that we can drop our luggage and go do our activities for the day.

Split stays would be more headache for me as Airbnb puts the burden of managing check in check out expectations on the hosts for the split stays.

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Oh, so guests are telling hosts now when they are checking in and dropping off luggage?

The split stay algorithm is so screwed up that I’ve read of hosts saying their guests were offered a split stay in the host’s own property- moving from one room to another.

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I think they always did but with the split stay feature they feel even more entitled because the host offered the split stay… they think the host opted in but AFAIK there is no way to opt out of split stays.

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