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Finally I have the Air photo guy coming!

After almost 6 month I finally have air’s photo guy coming to take the verified pictures. I have change some things from my original photos but what would you do to set the stage for this photo session?

Of course I will have fresh flowers and maybe a bowl of lemons and will super uber clean and gleam everything.

Any ideas of what more I can do to enhance my listing to take advantage?

I am particularly concerned of the pool pictures since it is a work in progress working for the vision of the hogh season in the winter.

Many of you have seen my listing but tell me what else.

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We had them photograph our CA listing and I did nothing. Don’t over style as your guests will expect to see these things all the time and it will put unnecessary pressure on you. The biggest benefit to the photos is the wide angle lens they use and that they are official Airbnb photos, kind of like a guarantee. Also they are in and out pretty fast. Ours was also a host in San Diego!

Your listing looks great already!

thank you those were my own photos and my place wasn’t up to snuff as it is today. I do worry about expectations, but I can choose which photos to use so some of my original will remain.

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Very nice set up. I personally wouldn’t have pics of toiletries and open cabinets with pots and pans. I understand why you have them, they just aren’t very attractive. I don’t think you need to do anything.

Your place looks lovely ~ just needs better lighting in the photos and you should be gold!

Yeah maybe one picture of cooking pots is all I need.

Yes that is why we are excited since I am not a pro and I know they can do a much better job with lighting .

@Carmen You have a lovely place and pictures; where professional photographers excel is to achieve the same tone in lightning across all pictures: note in your photos they appear to be taken at different times of the day, and some are opaque and not as bright as others; photographers are great at bringing out vibrant colors via natural lighting in all photos. They are also excellent in composition, we amateurs, even with good cameras, are less so; they move things around and ‘see’ interesting angles we don’t see. Fun process. I did keep many of my photos I wanted to keep after their shoot.

I just had the Airbnb photo guy show up after waiting 6 months. He flicked through a few on his camera to show me what he had taken of a smallish apartment. I had to ask him to make it look smaller. He had turned it into a palace.


What is the cost associated with the air photos? Would love to have them done for our Orlando listing!

Gratuit, free, no dinero!

It is free but it took us 6 months to get a appointment, so sign up now and expect at least that long to see him.

It depends on your area, we got them the same week.

Thank you all for the prompt responses!

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