Finally have my cottage listed , couple questions

I do have a few bookings coming on a month or so but a thing that caught me by surprise a bit was the number of inquiries that go nowhere, I get asked a question, answer it with what I believe they hoped for and no response at all. Also dialogue back forth that just ends. No thanks or response at all . I do pre approvals immediately that I get no response after? You guys have the same thing? Common?

Other thing I noticed is the number of dead listings in my area. One that hasn’t had a review in 2 years. Curious why the would keep the listing on Airbnb? Can you report them ?

Thanks for all the great info on this forum

In my experience this is pretty common. The last inquiry I had asked a bunch of questions that were in my listing description so I told her to please read the listing to see if we were a good fit. She did and she booked. I used to spend time answering all kinds of questions but I no longer do that. So many questions could have been looked up a google search. As for no recent reviews, they may have dates blocked but want the exposure. I see no reason to report them, why would you want to?


See this topic about inquiries:

On what basis would you report them? There is no obligation to have guests.

Often they are copy and paste, you can spot those usually.

I use IB and that has cut the numbers down, however I still get some odd ones, latest was about hunting in the area, well they have yet to draw a Tag so unlikely to want to come, often just part of running the business.

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The only issue is the nightly rate is low making others look high. But they have calendars completely blocked or don’t respond I guess to req. I understand what reporting is for and I’m not looking to attack anyone. Just inquiring to see if Airbnb cleans these listings up or not. One house near me was listed in 2015 and has never had one review

Listings that don’t get bookings should be ranked very low in search.

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One of our listing, a farm, hasn’t had bookings for a while. We don’t IB this place and have put the rate up. At the moment we don’t need the income and hubby gets to spend all day there doing other stuff without worrying about guests. We may accept bookings again but for now it is still listed.

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