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Finally happened, guest that needs a bad review

Uggh I am so angry right now and I am trying to blow off steam before writing a review. First of all these guests were just one night, thank goodness because I have no idea what other damage with time would have happened.

  1. They ate pizza in bed, staining the coverlet sheets and pillow cases.
  2. the mom didn’t remove makeup with dark cloths and used a white cloth and apparently was so drunk that she forgot her eye makeup. Mascara and eye shadow all over the pillow case.
  3. left a bag with beer bottles and wine in the FREEZER which exploded everywhere.
  4. snuck a chair from patio set to the door right out the studio and smoked, which some of it got into the unit and it reeked but I have no evidence to prove it.
  5. Finally stained my coverlet with what looks like blood stains.

They where a mom and adult son and although they put out the trash and made the bed I felt it was more to cover up the stains.

I have to write a review and might just wait for the 14 day on them right now I am just trying to save my bedding before next guest arrives.

Did they check out today?

Your first order of business should be to take some photos of the damage.

After that, see if you can get the stains out. If not, find out the cost to replace the bedding.

Do you have a damage deposit? Is it more or less than the perceived damage? If you don’t think you’ll be able to clean up the bedding and would like to make a claim, make sure that gets underway within the first 48 hours.

Best of luck and happy stain fighting!


This is the first time that I encountered something like this after 45 guests so I was unprepared and the next guest is due to arrive soon so I just went into stain busting mode and smoke battle mode. Next time I will take pictures so for now I don’t think I can claim anything and I might be able to save the coverlet, the sheets and pillow cases are fine after a lot of work.

I am just at that awefull place where I show write a truthful review and that hesitation. Based on all the reviews that I have written for guests this will be my first bad one.Or I can do what other host do and not review at all. But I feel other host should know about these two.

What will you write?


Yes, I think established hosts with a track record, at least, should warn other hosts about problem guests. Just my 2 units of currency.


“Though guest took out the trash and made the bed, I was very disappointed to see food and blood stain on the bedding which took a long time to get out. Unfortunately they smoked near an open door and left smoke odor in my unit. They may not have been a good fit for my place but I wish them well in the future.”


This is perfect advice!

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That’s excellent and diplomatic wording. Keeping things courteous and professional is always the best way to go in these situations.

might also be worth a mention.

I think DCMooney has nailed it pretty well.

Maybe I am a bit too relaxed about it but I see stained bedding and towels as an annoyance but an unavoidable consequence of hosting. As you’ve found, most stains do come out with a little effort.

The exploding beer is inconsiderate but I imagine unintentional.

As for smoking, if you don’t want people smoking right outside the door, then I think you need to be clear on this. We have two large balconies on our apartment and after a few occasions of people evidently standing at the doorways and smoking, usually in bad weather - we changed our rules to prohibit smoking anywhere including the balcony.

Your guests were obviously a little thoughtless and I can see how the accumulation of issues makes it a bigger deal but I wouldn’t really see them as being terrible guests - we’ve had worse for sure.


I also had a horrible guest. That deserved the worst review ever.
First of all they booked with me and since I was at work I couldn’t get the room ready for them right away so I gave them an upgrade to my other listing which is an entire place.
When they left I discovered they had moved my things around but the beds were not touched. I started to clean up and found out they were doing crystal meth and left a huge mess in my fridge. My blood was boiling and I was so pissed but I don’t know why didn’t write a review I really regret not doing it or informing airbnb

Yes, writing a bad review, at least for people who create major problems, is a useful service and a heads-up to the community. And people who have been doing this for a while can do so without fear of reprisal, because they already have an established reputation.

Carmen I am so sorry you had these morons. Agree. Definitely take photos of the damage and mess. It’s your only way to make a claim, which has to be done within 48 hours. Also, get online and find examples of what comparable coverlets and bedding would cost. Go to Macys online and find something similar. They just need anything comparable to be able to pay out on a damage claim. As for the smoking, this is unacceptable. Just because you are standing outside of a door puffing away , doesn’t make it a non smoking event. If you can smell smoke inside your House that is smoke damage. You can ask for damages for steam cleaning or smoke cleaning. The explosions of alcohol are not accidental. Hello we all went to college and know what happens when you do that. Be sure to call this into Air even if you don’t intend or it’s too late to claim.

When You make a claim, the guest will know you are unhappy, but I would still wait for The 14 days and last minute before submitting. If you do it earlier, the guest can be prompted to smack you. Get the exact expiration time from Air… Really sorry about this bad experience. Hang in there! Sorry for the typos…trying to do this on an iPad.

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It’s not too late, call them now!!! Someone doing meth in your house needs to have their account yanked. Scary. They could have burned your house down.

Dc, I think this is too nice. I don’t see the need for diplomacy when these idiots have caused so much damage in a mere 24 hours. I personally would be lying if I wrote that I wished them well. I don’t wish them well. I want them to never rent from anyone at air again, and if it were me writing a review I’d be scathing. Scathing! Tell it like it is! You have 500 words to rake these jerks over the coals. Don’t mince words!

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welcome back!!!


I’m a big fan of honest, but short, balanced reviews, written after you’ve calmed down. Vent all you want to us and to your friends, but then just state the facts in the review. If you go on and on, it looks like maybe you had a personality conflict and are taking it out on them in the review. So something like, “Betty and her son, Barnie, stayed at my place for one night. They checked in on time, took out the trash, and made up the bed. But based on the damage – linens and coverlet stained with makeup, food, and blood; cigarette smoke inside the apt – I wouldn’t host them again and can’t recommend them.” End. Short, simple, straightforward. I would also file a claim against their damage deposit to have anything professionally cleaned that didn’t give up its stains and to purchase an air purifier to clear the cigarette smoke. My house rules state that anyone who smokes or burns anything in my house or lets smoke inside my house loses their entire deposit, non-negotiable. No one has ever smoked indoors here.


can someone explain to me how/why leaving the review to the 14th day/last minute helps?


OH… because if it hasn’t been a good stay, and both of you know it, or even if just YOU know it… then writing a review ahead of time COULD prompt them to smack you with something. “Gazza wrote you a review. Write yours to see what Gazza wrote!”

Wait until the last day, last hour, last minute in the guest timezone (get this exact time from a CSR) have the review ready to cut and paste and then hit submit. They won’t have time to respond!!! Yahh!!!

This is what I did for a super bad guest, and was an actual suggestion from the Air CSR themselves!

If they’ve already written theirs, then it doesn’t matter. Fire away.

(Are you actually in Gazza?)


ah ok, cool! so do you actually phone airbnb to speak to someone and get that info?

no i’m in the UK, gazza is because of my name :slight_smile:

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yes ring them up. They can advise you on the expiration of the review period in the guest time zone.

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