Finally Airbnb proactively educating guests / expectations

Staying as an Airbnb guest currently and got this via email for the first time from Air. Hopefully this means they are at least doing a little something to educate guests and set realistic expectations about Air vs hotels. Do you think this will help?


It’s about bloody time! This should have been in place since the beginning!


It’s a good start! Bet they don’t read it though

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How about something about respecting the house rules. Don’t bring authorized guests, etc. but at least it is a step in the right direction!


Not everyone has the no guest house rule. This blurb from AirBNB is vague enough that anyone’s house rules can make sense to the guest, if they have read it.

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Yeah, I’m a bit surprised hosts are such sticklers about “unauthorized guests.” I get that it’s a bigger deal for people who do room shares as opposed to whole house, but I personally don’t care who comes over to visit, during what hours, etc as long as it ain’t a party and they’re respectful to my place. I trust guests without reviews all the time so I don’t see the person’s unaccounted friend being much different. I mean, yeah, stay within the afforded head count of the space (don’t fit 5 people in a place that accommodates 2) but that’s about it.

If I stay at a hotel near friends, I often invite them over to enjoy the pool, come up to the room, whatever. Likewise when I was young, I fully expected that booking a place came with the privilege of bringing back a guest to stay with me overnight. As I saw it, it’s none of the front desk’s business once I book a room there, and I extend the same thinking as a host to my guests on Air.


Well for one thing both your STR insurance and your Air insurance may not cover unregistered guests.

I had guests stay at my place who hooked up with some dude at the beach or a bar and invited him over without even asking me. I was shocked and appalled. Immediately they started partying and basically ignored me when I told them to please keep it down on a weeknight in our quiet family neighborhood. I made sure the guest knew he had to leave and could not stay over but the confrontation was uncomfortable. Also this dude now knows my living situation, what I’ve got here, what I’ve got in my guest room. He’s a local guy, these guests are long gone and he now knows where I live. NOT a good feeling!!!

Extra guests, I.e., people you don’t know, are a security risk, they cause more noise, they use more utilities, they cause more impact and they paid you nothing for the right to do that. And you say you are big on letting your guests bring whoever over.

And sorry, hotels DO NOT allow you to bring additional numbers of unauthorized guests to your room, and it IS their business who you have there. Did you know many states have laws about booking a room for two and sneaking more people in? YOu could be charged with defrauding an innkeeper. Cameras are everywhere so it’s not like you can get away with it.

Based on your attitude, You sound like someone I’d never want to host.


Precisely, huge liability!

Agree, it is high time!

It takes only one time, and it will change your thinking in a blink.

I feel like this is akin to saying, “women, if you wear a short dress you bring it on yourself if someone takes advantage of you.” It’s not a woman’s fault any more than it is a gracious host’s.

As I see it, rules will only take you so far when it comes to stopping a terrible guest who trashes the place (i.e. that black swan event).

I don’t see relevance in what you are saying “man”. Deductible and time that it takes is worth something, but everyone should do what ever is right for them.

Yes, it’s about time! It’s very minimalist, and I can think of several other VERY important things that should be included in a guest education piece. But we all know people won’t read beyond a quick glance. So I’m thankful they’re doing this.

Totally agree with this statement.