Filing a Damage Claim and Reviews? How do you handle?

Hello everyone - love a little help with a situation we’re facing right now.

So our last guests left a wet towel or something on the middle of the dining room table. Huge white marks that need to be removed. Understand that I need to file a guest damage charge - but the review associated with this is what concerns me.

What is the best way to handle this so as to NOT influence the guest’s review? I’m positive that they are going to give us a glowing review right now - but thought that if I file a claim, this would definitely change this. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hello! I’ve had a very similar situation - but it’s not too tricky, don’t worry!

First off, you need to go ahead and file the resolution request before the next guest checks in. If your next guest checks in, Airbnb may decide not to side with you - should you need them to arbitrate.

You’ll need a quote or estimate from a furniture woodworker who’s qualified to refinish the table-top. You should be able to get that with a simple email. But you don’t have to have that in-hand before lodging the resolution request.

Don’t worry too much about their review - Airbnb is very good about stuff like this. The guest may very well mention it, and that’s GOOD for you! You want future guests to know that, if they destroy your home, they will be encouraged to take responsibility and pay for the repairs.

The important thing is to take decisive, and quick action to allow for a speedy resolution. The last thing you want is to spend all day mulling over your review, and your table-top! File the request, get a repair quote, and then don’t worry about it for awhile. If they mention it in the review, that’s all the better. And if they unfairly skewer you in the review, you can definitely take that up with Airbnb - because they don’t like that sort of behavior. But it’s highly unlikely.


You might want to try a few fixes. Get ready to file the claim, but try to fix.


Matt, don’t forget that you get the last say after a review is left by guests. I’ve had people dink me on ratings because they couldn’t find the front door, or because my house is unsafe for children, all of which is highlighted in the text, together with “no Children under 12”. I’ve given up worrying about reviews now but quite enjoy illustrating how difficult or thick people can be. Just be factual in any review or final response; no subjective comments and praise what you can.

Thanks - the rings were a little more severe but I’ll keep this in mind for next time!

thats a great point Joan - thanks for the idea!

…you can get that off.
Try the iron trick first

The other thing I do, though rarely, if they only complain privately, (and dink me) is raise this in my public response. e.g. " I am so sorry you had such difficulty finding the front door. This is a first for us but thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will give it some thought." A slightly improved version but I was just as polite, perhaps less sarcastic. Our front door is slightly set back from the main house but opens onto the pavement. With a slate sign on the wall saying Chance Cottage.