Few questions for hosts - study research

Currently I am during research about host and more specific, key exchange and everything around it. If you are a host and would like to answers me those quetsions below, that would be great :slight_smile:

Basic about renting:
For how long have you been renting your property?
Do you rent from the distance?

AirBnb experience:
Do you use Airbnb safety solutions?

Keys exchange solution:
How do you deliver the apartment keys?
Are you facing any issues with the key exchange? When this occurs?
Would you trust a third party to deliver the apartment key to your guests?

Trust, preferences:
Would you trust a third party to deliver the apartment key to your guests?

Thank you very much for answers! :slight_smile:

What are these Airbnb safety solutions you mention? I would love to know more !

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Hi, I followed Airbnb safety tips article. Mainly, the safety deposit you can require on your listing.
Our research showed that hosts are not using this option that much. We would like to conclude what is the reason for that.

Oh. Yes there’s a reason most don’t bother. Some don’t understand it’s not an actual deposit and think it will put off guests from booking, others realise it’s a smoke screen. I have one in the hopes that guests don’t realise the truth of the situation.


There is no safety deposit, a security deposit but that is in name only. Suggest you have a long read of what AirBnB is and how it works.

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So, does this mean that your ‘research’ is because you have the ‘bright idea’ of starting a key delivery service?

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You mean that they don’t realize it’s pretty much useless and has “no teeth” as they say. Getting a settlement for damage from a guest is not usually very successful judging from what we’ve heard from hosts on this discussion board.

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And what was your first clue that this was his motive??? :)))))

And can’t you just picture it? Like Amazon Prime: They whiz up to the curb and bounce out with…A KEY! “Here it is Guest X! Have a nice day!”


My hope is that having a deposit deters guests from causing damage . Since I wasn’t successful in the one and only claim I’ve ever made, I don’t exactly have confidence in the process of claiming from a deposit.

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I was successful on the one claim that was disputed by the guest. Air gave me everything I asked for. I hope the guest was charged the amount that exceeded the deposit.