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Female guest had a accident on the sheets

She was gracious enough to come to me immediately and stated what happened and she reimbursed me the cost of the sheets and even the mattress pad in case I can’t get it out she gave 100 bucks which should cover it. I told her to just remove the sheets and I will replace the sheets when she leaves.

She made me think it was a big accident and I just hope the mattress pad did a good enough job to protect the mattress, For those experienced host that have had do deal with blood stains what is the best way to get them out? I am now googling it and know it has to be done right or else it will get set. The sheets are no big deal but the pad was quite expensive since it is also a bed bug preventer and it was purchased from Macy as a 10 year guarantee for our mattress.

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perhaps you could cover the expensive pad with a cheaper pad, to hide the stain (if needed) and to protect it in the future.

Big kudos to that guest!!!

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actually it is only a small dot on the pad and the fitted sheet wasn’t too bad I am soaking it in cold water bleach and Biz (enzymes and protein remover) so hopefully that will do it. If it does get out I will give her the money back. To hear her describe it you thought it would have been worse.

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You should be ok. And I do have a “cheaper” protector for my more expensive mattress cover. I was the “cheaper” cover more frequently. Thankfully you had an honest guest.

The hottest water possible. Boiling even. The stain should loosen. Try pre treating with french laundry bar soap… rub the soap under hot running water.

Do the Shout first. I wash it with cold water and it always comes off.

Two good points also raised by others –

Use cold water on blood stains and do not put through the dryer until the the stain is out. Heat will set the stain. I have used hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains, and it works like a charm even on old stains.

Use a less expensive mattress pad on top of your more pricey waterproof cover. I do this and it makes things a lot easier. I wash the top mattress cover for each guest.

Your guest was extremely thoughtful and responsible to be proactive in paying you for this damage. So you are really doing a good job of attracting quality guests.

Happy Hosting – Lia

I think you’ll find that hot water on any protein based stains (feces, blood) is a complete ‘no no.’ It was one of the first things I learned - cold water for these kinds of stains as hot water sets the protein.

That’s quite classy of your guest to let you know so you weren’t surprised.

I was very pleased and embarrassed for her, but I thanked her for her honesty and Told her I would try my best to get the stains out which I did and I gave her the money back. I wish more guest would be like this because just knowing right away helped getting the stains out.


Well you are really fortunate that your guests came up and told you right away so you could clean it properly. I actually had a younger couple stay over for a week…put BF and GF together for a week in a room you can imagine what happened…and they left my place and they lied to my face, I gave them 3 tries to fess up but they didn’t fill I said I’d report this and they would pay for all. They spilled juice on my mattress…“it will b give when it dries” kid said…smh. but it was clearly blood and alot if it, so it ruined my memory foam mattress, cover, sheets and all. long story short I got the $550 back I had to go to the Resolution Center, there was quite a process. Believe it or not this just happened last week AGAIN! where the guest neglected to tell me about it and literally just left it there, made the bed and everything with bloody sheets who does that?!! I’m resolving it right now in the Resolution Center I guess I’ve just had really bad luck but luck when it comes to blood. thank god my new mattress cover was spared, I was able to get the stain out and my mattress was okay this time. My $130 mattress cover which covered a 2nd mattress cover saved the day.

Both of these guys r under the age of 25 so i longer accept kids under the that age per new house rules, and I made it clear if ANY stain or spill happens to immediatley contact me.

For your situation I just soaked and scrubbed the sheets (white) w detergent w soft bleach then a 3 minute soak in stronger bleach, used warm water, washed everything and all stains gone.

QUESTION: THOUGHTS on if guests deceive you about things, damages like described above, should they pay? I fully expect them to and Airbnb agrees (so far in my experience) what do you all think??

I now put into my house manual to advise me as soon as possible of any spills or possible stains, since I can get stains out right after they happen and are not set. I advise guests that by doing this their security deposit won’t be dinged if I am able to get stains out.

Not only that, it prevents them from making futile attempts at self-cleaning. This can be particularly damaging to carpet when there is a spill and they go out and buy one of these discount cleaners with the plastic bristles on top of the can and proceed to dig into the carpet until the texture has been destroyed.

I got a very inexpensive plastic mattress envelope. I encase the mattress in that to protect against bedbugs and stains. If there are bad stains on the mattress cover I try bleach it or just buy a new one. They only last through so many guests.

Carmen, or you could make that statement more firm. Your rule sounds a bit wishy washy.

Please inform me immediately of spills or stains so that I can treat them before they set. Not doing so will result in damage. deposit claims.

Yes I had a guest try to cover up blood in the sheets, used my hand towel, which was white!!! Cold water and a bar of soap. Unreal. Then lied to my.face 3 times about it, said it was juice and when it dried the color would go away! What a joke.

Ruined sheets 2/mattress covers and memory foam

Thank God Airbnb paid for everything

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