Feeling relieved - "dodged a bullet"

Guest sent a Request to Book - 20 nights.

She is a “local” (22 miles away) with no reviews and no profile to speak of, so my radar went up. She didn’t send any kind of personal intro, just asked if there was a grocery store in walking distance.

7 minutes later - answered her question in my intro/welcome message and asked for confirmation that she had reviewed the HR, details in the listing (since she’s asking questions answered there), and then inquired -“what’s bringing you to ‘my town’?” I’ve hosted locals before and they usually respond with - trial separation, house being worked on, waiting to move into my new place, had to get out due to a bad roommate, etc.

30 minutes later - she responded with 4 partial messages in a row including “I have used it before. I bought a fixer and was conned by a “contractor” so now I’m trying to find another” and, “I follow allows the rules, unlike some people out there.” (I really dislike when people send one line of text at a time)

Huh? Um okay… In my head - I was just wondering what’s bringing you to my neck of the woods. Not sure that I completely comprehended what she was trying to say. Well, I have a long drive tonight and 24-hrs to respond, so I’ll read it again in the AM and see if it makes any more sense or perhaps she will message again.

The next day another string of messages -
“im still waiting for arbnb to finalised my request. They have my money but of course haven’t verified the room yet,”
“they refuse to credit my visa for overcharging the room, they said they can only credit if you agree”

Wait. What?? I haven’t confirmed yet and she’s complaining about overcharges? Thanks. That’s enough. No thanks.

As I am proceeding to decline the request, my phone is blowing up with partly coherent messages - one after the other. Most notably, a very special one that includes an attempt to send her phone number, which is of course flagged by Airbnb.

Finalizing the “reservation declined” procedure, as required by Airbnb, I send a message that simply says, “Thanks for your interest. I don’t think this is a good fit.”

To which she promptly responds, “well. You’re done as a host!”

Yep. I’m sure she’s right. I’m a SH with 5+ years experience, but what do I know?

Due to the phone number she tried to send, there is an option to both block any further conversation and also flag her attempt to communicate outside of Airbnb.

Wow…! She sure won me over! (Yes, I’m being sarcastic).

Whew! Dodged that bullet. :sweat_smile:


Thank goodness at least some of the crazies out themselves in time for hosts to hit the “decline” button!


I hope they delete her account. I was talking about zero tolerance for hosts on another thread about party and scam hosts. How about zero tolerance for guests? ONE threat or extortion threat and that profile is deleted. And then take steps to prevent duplicate profiles.


UPDATE: Well, the reviews from her last stay have now posted. The host provided a short, positive review “…was a great guest.” That’s all the host wrote!

The guest didn’t seem to feel that it went well, “…My car was parked on the street and was covered with sap. Had to pay $175 to have it professionally cleaned to prevent paint damage. I believe the price is definitely too high.”

So glad that I declined this guest! And sad for whomever is her next host.


Sheesh. :woman_facepalming: Rubbing alcohol. $1 at Dollar Tree.


These are the same freaking idjits who complain in a review that the ocean isn’t blue and California has dry air. A pox on their houses.