Feedback on my listing?

Just saw how helpful the comments were in another thread and thought it might be a good idea to get some feedback on my listing from other pro hosts who would be willing to see if there is anything I could be doing better that I may be overlooking, (especially compared to the competition).

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My first thought in re-looking everything over is that I could stand to cut the “getting around” section to just one sentence (since I provide all that detailed info to guests who book). The whole listing is probably a bit too wordy.

Wow… So charming!
Just a thought. Your opening photo gives the impression that that is the main bedroom, and even though the tipi is cute… I would save it for one of the secondary photos. I was confused at first when I saw the tipi. People rent all kinds of things… Couches, hammocks, etc, and I honestly thought for a second that the tipi might be where I would have to sleep! LOL.

Change up the photos because that first photo is such an attention grabber that potential guests might also think it’s an attic room you are renting rather than the entire home.

You could even play up the Breaking Bad connection. I hear the location where they shot the show is quite the tourist draw.

Other than that, you seem to be doing everything right. Love the photo of Jonathon sitting on the bench. For a second I thought he was a guest, LOL.

I don’t think cookies and wine will help you get more bookings. You’ve got a darling home in a great location.

(Should you really allow smoking on the porch? I wouldn’t. Tell them to take it to the street!)

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Thanks @konacoconutz for the feedback! Any suggestions on what might be a good first image instead of the teepee? I used that one since a lot (but not all!) of my visitors are guests with children.

The house next door to mine is the location of Jonathan’s character Mike’s house on Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul which is a fun attraction for guests who are fans of the show :slight_smile: I used to have that photo in a more prominent location but I thought that to people who aren’t familiar with the show it might just look like a random old man sitting on the porch :joy:

I have ashtrays on the porch and back yard just in case but I rarely get smokers anyway. Any reason in particular you wouldn’t allow it on the porch?

The bright and sunny eat-in kitchen or the colorful living room!
Even though I would sleep there in a heart beat and not have a problem, some might find the attic sleeping quarters a bit claustrophobic. The bath is incredible! I love it! But I am not sure about using it for the lead photo. You only have a couple of seconds to grab them, especially if your market is saturated.

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Just because smoke carries and lingers. What about embers catching fire? A possible if you have wood structures on your porch. Courteous smokers are pretty good, but you cannot always guarantee they will be courteous. It’s nasty if you have to empty ashtrays… KWIM?

Also smokers are used to being asked to go to the street. I would eliminate ALL smokers from the property. Also that you allow it might worry future guests. No benefit really.

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I have the house set up as 3 different listings - one for the whole house, one for just the downstairs 1 bedroom, and one for the whole property (it is a duplex so for both houses) and the living room and kitchen are the primary photos I use for the other 2 listings. So good to know I’m on the right track! :slight_smile:

Hadn’t thought about any of that. Good points!

I love it, it’s so homely and lovely. Really beautiful! I’ll be back with some more useful (or not) advice, just in awe over the pictures at the moment

Edit - I’m back after reading the listing and have nothing to say, it’s perfect.
Had to laugh at your comment further up about people thinking that was a random old man sitting on the porch - I’ve never seen breaking bad and that was exactly what I thought :joy: But I still loved the photo!


Garden host… Did you mean HOMEY? Or HOMELY? :smiley:

(I’ll bet I have a half dozen reviews that say my condo was “homely” instead of “homey”. It always makes me pout.)

Gotta wonder if AutoCorrect is ruining the little grammatical competence we have left in the U.S. :wink:

Huh? Homely! It’s a word! I’m British… maybe in didn’t make it to the American English language? That’s not a dig… I’ve been using it all my life! I’m googling it

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HAHA!! No wonder the confusion :joy: We’re both correct


Oh yes! Prolly :slight_smile:

And ‘should of’ and my personal bugbear, using the word ‘bring’ when it should be ‘take’. As in ‘I’m visiting my friend. Should I bring a gift?’

Ignore me. I’m an English pedant :slight_smile:

I learned something new! I didn’t know it had the other meaning.

All I know is “homely” always meant the girl in school that was plain and her friends would tell the guys that she “has a great personality and sews her own clothes.” Unfortunately, it was a guarantee that they would say, No thanks, and run the other way.


So funny, I have a lot of American friends and I had no idea. I wonder if I’ve ever said it to them and they’d thought I was a weirdo…


Yes, no doubt. (grin)


Homely or homey, thank you @Gardenhost !