Feedback needed from host of a property in Europe or Asia

Hi Everyone! I am currently in the process of founding a travel guide/resource company and need some feedback from an owner of an AirBnb property preferably in Europe or Asia. If anyone is open to giving me 30-45 minutes of their time to answer some questions, feel free to respond here. Will give the participant a $30 amazon gift card (or cash). Thanks so much

Very odd post. What is an “international property”? A property exists in one country, there’s nothing “international” about it.
And you won’t find many, if any, hosts here who live in one country, but have listings in another.

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Apologies, I should have clarified. By international I meant not in the states. I will Edit the post to reflect that.

The host doesn’t need to reside in the states.

This is an international English speaking forum, with participating hosts from all over the world. No one here considers “international” to mean “not the US”.

Yea I get that now. Clearly was just a mistake haha

There’s at least one - me. Most of the time I live in the US. Our second home that we rent out is in St Lucia in the Caribbean.

Oh, right. Sorry, I did know that, I just forgot.

I’m in Bali, I rented before 10 years in Europe also.

Does Australia count?

We are outside of Bangkok

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@RumourHasIt Would love to hear more about your experience in Bangkok. If you are interested, would love to connect at some point this week.

Let me know what you need.

@RumourHasIt What is your email? I can send over some more info. Thanks

There is a private message function on this site. Anyone who posts their email address or phone number on a public forum is risking identity theft, and scammers contacting them.

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On your own head be it.